Oh no School is in 5 minutes Hair Tutorial

Now that we’re done with Gossip Girl I thought I would just take a little while to go through my requests and box and just do a lot of the hairstyles that people have been asking me to do I thought it would be kind of a nice little break right now I’ll just to get back to kind of doing a wide variety of things instead of just kind of like a series of things I’ll head of a lot of the same kind of thing over and over again if you will. So um what I’ll gonna do is that every week for as long as I do this I’ll gonna do one wearable hairstyle and went up too and that’s gonna hopefully keep everybody happy I have a large remove my audience that really wants everyday hair cells. So they can use for school or for work when you’re just in a hurry you don’t want to spend forever on your hair and I have a lot of my audience that really does enjoy the updos and the more elaborate hairstyles that I show you how to do. So I thought I would keep everybody happy by doing one each week.

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So hopefully you guys like this today I’ll doing a ridiculously easy hairstyle. So I hope you guys like it I also wanted to keep my curly-haired viewers in mine and. So I actually went ahead and made my hair messy because I think this hairstyle would look good was straight or curly hair but I went ahead and showed it with kind of a messy hair texture just to kind of be all-inclusive it is really easy and I’ll sure for some people it’s fairly self-explanatory but sometimes I think tutorials aren’t just to show you how to do it as much to give you the idea to do it. So hopefully This good inspiration and maybe for those of you who are new to hairstyling or need a little bit of help it’s helpful as well hope you guys like it hope you don’t mind the long intro and I’ll see you in my next post mwah bye start off with whatever hair texture you like.

I use my Conair you wrap and wait to get really messy hair I love working with messy hair for everyday hairstyles. So you’re gonna take the top part of the hair and tease obviously I got that out of the camera like a boss oh and then you’re gonna pull the hair into the middle of your head and secure it with the hair band and then you can either pull horizontally to make it tighter or vertically to give a little bit of lift to the ponytail then selects a small section from the underside of the ponytail and braids the whole section and seal it off with a small band if you want to then you’re gonna wrap that around the base of the ponytail and hold it down once you’ve wrapped it all the way around I think This a more fun little wrap with the ponytail especially because it’s not as sleek and then you’re gonna pin and the way that you’re gonna pin it is to pin underneath the band. So that you can get it between the head and the band and that’s it you.

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