Oil and Mist for All Skin Types

This treatment combines the hydrating effects of water with the lubricating effects of oil. Choose oils and water-based liquids appropriate for your skin type. The water-based liquids spring or filtered water, floral water, facial astringent or herbal infusions can either be used individually or in combination, and are generally placed in a spray mist bottle. Dab the oil onto the forehead, chin and cheeks and mist the liquid onto the face. Massage the face, working the liquid and oil into skin. The following is a favorite variation of oil and mist: Rose Water and Jojoba Oil All

A nourishing, tonic moisturizer for all skin types.

Apply a dab of jojoba oil on forehead, chin and cheeks. Then place rose water in a pump spray bottle and mist on face. Massage face, working oil and water into skin.

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