Oils for Home Care Skin Care Products

Oils for Home Care Skin Care Products

There are dozens of oils you can choose from when creating your aromatic pantry. As you have information about different aromatics, you can mature your collection to meet your changing skin care needs and odor preferences.

The following 24 aromatic oils form the heart of my Aromatic Kilerim. They can be used alone or in combination to create products that are good for many skin types and problems. This list, naming and briefly describing the oils, is followed by a summary of the elegant aromatics I like to use to complement or enhance the aroma of these heart oils.

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Yarrow Essential Oil

Like German papayas, yarrow (Achillea millefolium) contains significant amounts of irritation and is useful in soothing inflamed, cracked skin. This fat is at the same time shrinking and is suitable for the treatment of pubertal acne, but should not be used on sensitive skin. Yarrow oil can give your skin care products a blue color. I prepared a powerful skin irritant as a remedy for the Blue Balzam Kalıbı 122) product mix yarn and papaya.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

This essence is distilled from the leaves and sprouts of the oil tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and is one of the strongest antibiotic and antifungal essential oils. Despite its sharp aroma, it is gentle and visibly suitable for all types of skin when used in moderate doses. Tea tree essence oil is particularly effective in regulating fat secretion and has a remarkable ability to prevent oily skin crackers and exacerbations.

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) essence oil, mainly produced in New Zealand, the distant relative of tea tree oil, can be used alternately with tea tree essence oil to relieve oily skin conditions and adolescent acne.

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