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With this old hollywood inspired makeup it’s kind of a new take on old hollywood themes and I was inspired by this event that I went to with sexy hair I’ll officially a star correspondent with them and. So I get to post over on their blog which launches today it’s a huge opportunity for me I’ll really excited about it at the event they announced that Marilyn Monroe would be their new spokesperson. So I decided to do this makeup tutorial over here inspired by that and a hair tutorial will be on their blog also inspired by old Hollywood let’s get to the makeup. So I’ll gonna start off with some Urban Decay primer potion and I switch to the original formula oh my gosh because Eden it takes down a lot of the shimmer and I decided that I won’t shimmer on my eyeshadow again. So I put that all over my lid and then I use this benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow in my two cents over the lid and then into the crease a little bit and then I took this gold color from the most glamorous neutrals ever palette by benefit again and put that over my lid and then I went ahead and picked up their next shadow and this one is a coral with a gold shimmer and on camera it looks about the same as the gold shadow I just use and honestly you could get away with not using a second eyeshadow here you could just use the gold eyeshadow all over your lid and into the crease if you wanted and to finish off my golden glow I decided to use Mac’s soft and gentle in my inner tear duct and underneath my eyebrow because it’s a great highlight but it also has a lot of gold to it as well and then I took the chocolate brown which is also from the same quad.

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I’ve been using and a sigma e which is my favorite blending brush for the crease of all-time and I just put that through my crease focusing on the outside of my crease next epoch of the lorac Pro palette and use this dark brown shade to kind of enhance the crease a little bit more I’ll taking a smaller pencil brush and really just working at the base of that crease and kind of blending it in it adds a little bit of smokiness to the look and a little extra drama as well and now I’ll taking this dual-ended eye lighter and I’ll starting with the black eye liner and I’ll gonna create a slight wing very slight just kind of building up the width a little bit more on the outside and then for my eye shape I’ll just gonna take the eye liner slightly over the arch of my eyelid if you have a little bit larger eyes you can go ahead and line all the way into the inner corner if you like then I’ll taking this brush and I’ll blending out the liner This supposed to be kind of a modern take on an old Hollywood makeup look and. So I’ll softening the liner up a whole lot because that’s a lot more modern than a really harsh like liquid liner look then I’ll taking a black eye shadow and going over that again just to intensify it a little tiny bit but still because we use like a smoked out pencil and we’re using an eye shadow it’s a very soft look. So even though it is an intense black it’s not like if I use a gel liner or a liquid liner to create the same look and now I’ll using the brown eyeliner on my bottom lid because I find that’s a little bit softer and a little bit nicer you’re still gonna get that great smokiness especially when you blend it out with an angled brush but it’s not gonna overtake the liner that we have on top and now.

I’ll going to go ahead and use a clear mascara to go ahead and put my unruly eyebrows into place and then while that kind of dries into place I’ll gonna go ahead and put my mascara on I’ll using the buxom sculpted lash mascara and the julep volumizing mascara I went ahead and curls my lashes off-camera and first I apply my buxom one and then I apply the julep one because the julik one has some false fibers in it to kind of build up my lashes a little bit and make them look a little bit more dramatic now I’ll gonna go back to my eyebrows and use my Anasazi eyebrows through them just to kind of fill in any sparse areas I always go through and do the underside of my brow first to kind of clean up that line and then I fill in my arch because my arch is really sparse and then also the front little area right there is kind of sparse. So I fill that in as well and now I’ll gonna go onto my face I’ll using benefit hoola to kind of go ahead and warm up my face I’ll using it through the hollows of my cheek and I’ll gonna pull it up into my temples a little bit when you have fair skin like I do and you wear a bright lip you have to use at least a little bit of bronzer or else you end up looking a little bit washed out and next I’ll taking corrilesa and putting that on my cheeks it’s honestly the most easy blush for me to wear I can never over apply it. So I tend to reach for it on days when I’ll going a little bit faster because it’s just. So easy to apply and then I’ll gonna finish off with a highlight because I love highlighters and I’ll using Mac soft and gentle again to kind of enhance that rosy warm golden glow finally I am rather ungracefully applying Mac’s lady danger for my red lipstick I will have drugstore dupes for all of these listed in the description box in case you want to know what kind of things you could use on a budget to create this makeup look make sure to go over and check out sexy hairs blog I have my tutorial on the hair that I’ll wearing here over there and I will see you guys in my next post well bye.

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