Old Hollywood Updo via Lily Vander-Woodsen of Gossip Girl

Hey girls Abbey here this week we’re doing Lily from Gossip Girl and I have wanted to do this for a long time it’s just taking me forever to finally actually do her updos she always has fun updos and this one is from season episode is called there might be blood and I’ll going to try to remember to put a screencap of it in the description box but basically I started out and I wanted to do a really literal version of it and then as I went on and I was doing the hairstyle I kind of started to get like a little bit of my personality into it and I really liked where it was going. So I went ahead and just went with that I hope you guys like it I really like this I would definitely wear this it’s a pretty hairstyle for any kind of formal event that you might have going on. So that’s it and I’ll see you my next tutorial muah bye ok you want to start out with some kind of curled texture you can either use hot rollers or a curling iron or you can either go with your natural hair texture if you have naturally curly hair either way you just want to have a little bit of something going on there you don’t want your hair completely flat because of what we’re gonna do in a little bit but just do whatever you like whatever is fastest for you there and then you’re going to take a two-inch section from the front spl it into three and then you’re going to French braid back you’re gonna fresh made it a backward anglo towards the back center of your head and you’re going to just do that until you reach about where your ear is and you want to keep that braid nice and loose you don’t want it to be really tight and perfect at all.

Old Hollywood Updo via Lily Vander-Woodsen of Gossip Girl Photo Gallery

I’ll just nice and loose and then braid a couple inches normally and secure it and then repeat that on the other side then you’re going to split the remaining hair in half and pin the hair on the top out of the way because we’re going to work with the bottom here first you’re gonna take that bottom hair wrap it around two fingers and then kind of roll it up you’re creating a little roll here are going to try to hide it a little bit and you’re gonna pin that against your head about two inches up from the hairline and for me it helps a crisscross my bobby pins with in there because that way it hold it a little bit better then you’re going to let the rest of the hair down and start wrapping it at about the height where that first role is just the exact same ways we after the first time you’re going to pull that right underneath that first one and pin it in place again crisscross your bobby pins it makes it. So much better and it just is holds amazingly well then take the clips out of your raid and go ahead and pin the braids in place before you start playing around with it then you can create little loops to create the shape that you want on this side I wanted to create a really loose shape. So I made a lot of really loose loops and I kept the hair really natural and flowy and you’ll see a difference on the other side because I actually made that side a little tighter the reason.

I did that was because I wanted more drama on one side than the other but if you want you can make them symmetrical and do really nice big natural loops on both sides alright. So on the side I’ll going to show you gonna pin the braids. So that it stays in place you don’t want to accidentally lose your place with the braids and then you’re gonna create little tiny tiny tiny girls well maybe not tiny like an inch little curls and you can arrange those however you want in the original style they were all kind of arranged around the ear and the front. So if you want to make it more like the original style you can do that or what I do is I kind of let them just grow around that side of the hair. So that it was pretty curly but still natural looking and I was just very free-flowing and wispy and pretty but you get that kind of a shape by making tighter little loops and putting them closer together whereas with the other side we did really loose loops and we kind of pinned them a little bit further apart. So just continue to do that the great thing about this hairstyle is that you get to make the shape that you want which I think is the best part and you just have fun with it.

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