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When couples and friends come for spa breaks and have booked a few treatments, they may find themselves apart for much of the time. Consequently double couch treatment rooms are preferred, and so should be available, wherever space allows. Even in small spas it is recommended to have one room large enough to facilitate two couches, keeping in mind the dimensions needed for the therapists to work effectively around each couch.

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Floor surfaces for most holistic therapies are best made of wood as this material is easier for therapists to work on as it is receptive and earthy. However, when the room is also used for body treatments and wet therapies, there are other alternatives available, such as, slate, stone, tiles, marble, cushioned rubber or other forms of gel or contemporary materials. This is also a design and functionality feature, so consider your room usage carefully so that the floor is long lasting, cleans well and maintains the ambient comfort zone you envisage.

Tara Herron is the Director at Imperial Spa Salon Health and Racquet Club, New Delhi. Views expressed are personal.

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