Ombre hair color lication

For prettier blondes…use a violet-based shampoo/conditioner. If your hair is especially porous, or over-lightened, dilute the violet shampoo with another favorite shampoo and start at the nape and work your way up to top. Purple hair is NOT pretty when it’s splotchy! Product I like: Joico Color Endure Sulfate-free Violet-based shampoo and conditioner to neutralize yellow They also have blue-based if it’s more orange than yellow. Too gold? Mix the violet and blue together.

For vibrant colors…use a red based shampoo and/or conditioner based on your desired tone of red. For instance, if your red is gett’ng too orangey, use a cool red. Product I like: Overtone conditioners. They have 9 different colors …silver, purple, blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, pink, and red. They’re VERY pigmented, so dilute with your favorite conditioner if you want to tone it down.

Brunette showing more red than you like ? There is a color-based shampoo and conditioner for that too that has cool and warm tones. Product I like: Tressa Watercolors in Cocoa (lighter brunettes, dark blondes) and Mocha (dark browns)

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