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If I am traveling, I stay only at hotels with gyms. And these days so many hotels have added fitness facilities, it’s never a problem. Call ahead to be sure. Fitness Vacations
I live in a house with boys (I’m including my husband in this category!), so our vacations often center around sports: hiking, skiing, horseback riding. Even though I am not a natural-born athlete, I love doing sporting activities together as a family. Anyone can be a born-again athlete. If there is an activity you are interested in, what better way to learn than to take a vacation doing it!

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I once saw him grab the midships steward by his collar and bang his head against the bulkhead until he howled and wept. This was because he had done a poor job cleaning the hospital. The chief steward drank all day, shamelessly and visibly. I would often pass his cabin in the morning on the way back from breakfast and he would be sitting in his cabin with the curtain open, his ledgers spread out in front of him, a glass of neat scotch on the desk. It was during the runs ashore that we excelled in our drinking. Our four-day-five-night spell in Singapore while the Vexilla was in Keppel dock was a prime example. On the first night, I met John and Barry in the Connell House bar at 6.00 p.m., after my day off in town.

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