One glaring pimple

Solution: The temptation to attack a pimple with your fingers is huge. But try to resist touching or popping it that will only make matters worse.

To cover a pimple, apply foundation using a concealer brush. Press a little powder on top to set. Repeat, layering foundation and powder until blemish is well hidden.

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I tried to be like John, in style, but I couldn’t carry it off. John liked to fight; he had his hair cropped in the skinhead style of the early 1970s. Sometimes he shaved his head completely. Some people thought he was a bully and picked on people whom he would be able to beat, goading them to lashing out, so he could hit them. But he wasn’t like that; he just liked to fight. I liked John. He liked me and held me in some respect, undue I always thought. Barry was a pale youth, slightly older than me, who was aggressive in the way only smaller people can be. He was supremely confident of himself and would not back down before anyone. He had a temper like a wildcat and the ability to unnerve.

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