An innovative new gel called Laresse is available for small eyebrow creases, and wrinkly crow’s-feet. Made in the lab rather than from human or animal sources, it has been praised for its super-smooth results.


We boarded the plane again and landed at Manila 20 hours after leaving London. Manila had the hugging humid feel of the Far East. I had been to school in Singapore for three years where my father had been posted to fly Twin Pioneer transport planes to the jungle strips in Malaya and Borneo; we had only left at the beginning of the previous year. Manila gave to me the familiar smell of. home. We were met by the agent: he was a small, grimly-intense man wearing a gun, who delivered us to a fairly crummy hotel at the edge of Ermita, the dockland bar district. We arrived there in the mid-afternoon and were told that we would be picked up after breakfast the next morning and driven overland to Tabango. We subbed money from him before he left; he peeled off pesos from a massive bankroll. He didn’t seem to count, just bunged us each a small wad. Manila in the days before 1971 when General Marcos took over the country in a military coup was a spectacle to see.

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