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Red is the colour of blood and will increase circulation as well as being energizing and positive. One side short haircut punk It should be used sparingly to avoid over-stimulation of kapha, creating excess pitta.


Orange is a warming, nourishing colour which feeds the sexual organs, and its glowing colour helps to remove congestion.


Warm, comforting pinks gently stimulate kapha into activity. Being a softer colour than red, pink may be worn without ill-effects for significantly longer periods. A highly useful colour.

Making a Colour Infusion

Take a piece of thin cotton or silk. The fabric should be a warm pink and sufficiently translucent to allow the light to penetrate. Wrap it around a transparent (not coloured) small bottle containing spring water. Stand it in full sunlight or upon a windowsill with the window open so that the light can fall naturally upon the bottle. Leave it for about four hours. Remove the fabric and drink the contents of the bottle within 24 hours.

If possible, choose a fabric which has been dyed with natural dyes.

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