Oriental Beauty was originated in the late 19th century, when Taiwan first exported Oolong tea. Tea merchant John Dodd exported this tea to the west from his Tamsui base. It was once thought that a tea farmer in Beipu noticed that small green insects, later known as cicadas, had damaged the leaves of his newly picked spring crop. Rather than destroying his crop, he decided to process the leaves into tea. He then took his product to a local tea merchant, John Dodd, who liked it well enough to pay him twice the price of his usual tea. In the 20th century, when Queen Elizabeth II took a sip of the tea for the first time that it receive its English name Oriental Beauty.

NATURAL FAT BURNER The high content of polyphenols in its composition helps you to lose weight. They increase the function of the enzymes, which are responsible with burning fat by suppressing lipid metabolism.

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