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Finding the Right Balance

It is as if you started an exercise program that only consisted of right-hand arm curls with a twenty-five-pound dumbbell. After a while you would develop a stronger right bicep, but the rest of your body wouldn’t be in good shape, and your body would be out of balance. As absurd as this limited exercise regimen may sound, therapists have been working with people in an analogous out-of-balance approach. A multidimensional approach is necessary, and at its best, yoga offers you ways to work on any or all dimensions of your life.

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Be aware, however, that it’s not just yoga poses that focuses on one dimension. Some people fire their therapists, but they embark on equally unbalanced approaches to self-healing. For instance:

When you try to inject more meaning and connection into life by meditating five hours daily, you are limiting your growth to one dimension.

When you become a workout fanatic because you are depressed about relationships and body image, you expect too much from one healthy activity.

And when you believe that all your problems will be solved if you find the right relationship or the right career, you are viewing happiness from a narrow and illusory perspective.

Therefore, be careful about what you do after firing your therapist. Be wary of any guru or “ism” that promises a holistic approach yet maintains an extremely narrow focus. When you do work on your own, keep the eleven spheres in mind. I realize how easy it is to become caught up in one area where your biggest hurt is. You become so focused on dealing with your relationship issues or your family problems that you start to think that if you could only fix this one area, everything would be great.

For this reason, concentrate on the concept of balance. Concentrate on it even if you’re devoting all your time and energy to one sphere because of a crisis or because you feel unable to do anything else until you deal with a specific issue. As important as a given sphere is, other spheres must be addressed simultaneously or at least eventually.

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