Open Mouth Kissing Tips

Next time you are in an elevator with the one you enjoy kissing so much (as long as you are the only two in there), stand facing forward till the doors close then quickly turn and kiss them, then turn again to face the door and wait for your destination.

Do you hate having nothing to do in the car when the traffic lights are red? Lean over and give your passenger a quick peck on the check; this will probably be unexpected but romantic at the same time.

When a kiss changes from soft and slow to fast and passionate, it gets the blood pumping faster around the body. This is awesome the first time, because it is like the relationship is heading towards a more intimate level and you get all those wonderful feelings from the first kiss all over again.

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When you wake in the middle of night, roll over and give your partner a little hug and kiss. Little things like that in the dead of night are heartfelt and reassuring. There is also the chance they will be a little awake so will remember it in the morning.

One of my favorite kisses is when you are in bed talking just before you go to sleep. You are both talking about nothing in particular in between kissing. You are comfortable with your heads close together and can just make out each other in the dark. It is the time when you are winding down to go to sleep and your head is cleared of most thoughts and you are happy to be with each other. These kisses make for sweet dreams.

Come up to them from behind and cover their eyes (but make sure you don’t give them too much of a fright), and softly kiss their neck. Lovely!

Kisses with sound effects, sound a little strange? Well it’s not. When you are kissing your partner, making a little mmm sound will let them know that you are enjoying it so they will relax a little and continue, especially now they know you are happy. Mmmm.

Now I know you would have seen this in the movies, but it is as good as it looks in real life. Grab your partner’s face in your hands or place your hand behind their head and pull them in to give them a slow, long, lingering kiss. You will have total control over the kiss and they will feel this; it will be like they are being protected.

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