Orbiting Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Hi everybody today’s tutorial will be doing the orbiting fishtail braid let’s get started okay. So what, I did is, I put her hair in a high ponytail. And I wrapped her elastic band with her own hair just to hide that elastic bit so.

Orbiting Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And I also have a hair wet too as well. And with the ponytail you’re going to split it in half you guys start out doing a fishtail now that you have the start of a fishtail. And take the side here wrap it around go under the Strand go over the other strand.

And around. So you’re going to wrap that strand here then, I take this outside strand go under over. And around to wrap that there.

So you’re going to it’s going to look like this then you’re going to do another regular fishtail then you’re going to take the outside again go under over. And wrap right around to that strand again with this side you’re going to go under over this strand. And wrap it around.

And it’s going to look like this. So after you do your second rap you want to take your first rap. And you want to pull it out seeing with this one first rap when pull it out very gently though.

So you’re not going to pull up any other other strands okay okay. So now since this is out you’re going to take the outer strand. And do another fishtail even take the outer strand again go under over.

And wrap around again outer strand go under over into the other wrap around the other strand okay. So now you want to take the second strand. And pull it out gently same with this one okay then you’re just going to continue down it’ll be a fishtail then wrap around fishtail wrap around 50 go through one more set the fish just end it with a fishtail, I’m just going to wrap it with her hair holdin out you have it thank you.

So much for reading our tutorial if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up. And comment to the link below we’ll see you next week have a good day bye guys.

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