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Good morning guys! It’s Abby from LA and today I’m gonna film what is my most requested post of all time, hair care routine. First of all, I would guess that probably percent of what you’re hair is like is just flat out genetics, and there’s not a ton you can do to change that, but the other percent is how you take care of your hair and the products that you’re using. And that’s the part we are going to talk about today. So, first of all some just general basic hair care tips: what you put in your body, is what’s growing out, you know helping that hair grow out healthy and strong. I always have my girl’s drinking milk because in milk the Vitamin D helps keep your hair really nice and shiny. I would say regular hair trims so, even if you’re trying to grow your hair out make sure you’re still doing regular trims just to keep the ends healthy and from splitting and getting brittle and dry and dying. That’s another one. Every time you wash your hair you’re stripping all your natural oils off of your hair, and then your body thinks that your hair is dry and it builds back up that oil. So, your hair gets more and more oily.

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So, if you wash every day your hair’s just getting really oily. It’s very important that you wash your hair like every three or four days, depending on your hair, that way your hair is staying nice and refreshed. People ask me all the time how I go three or four days without washing. It’s just because my hair’s used to it. When you first start doing this you hair is going to be oily and your going to hate me, but after a month your going to love me and your hair’s going to look great, even though you’re not washing it every day. And last but not least, just general hair care: So tools, your curling irons, your straighteners, your blow dryers. I like to mix up on my girl’s so that they don’t use them quite as frequently. But, always use a heat protector. So this is my first product I would recommend. Just a heat protector in general. Now we are going to move on to my personal beauty regimen with my hair. Shampoo wise: I am a mother of six children, I can’t afford super expensive products. Nor do I feel like they are necessary for your hair. So, I tend to sometimes switch and swap and buy whatever I can find on sale. Right now I am really enjoying the Suave professionals anti-dandruff. Even if you don’t have dandruff, it hydrates your scalp and I really like the foaminess to this one. So, it smells good as well. If you are a person that has tried all of your generic, store bought products and hates all of them, I would recommend something like Bed Head. Bed Head is a professional hair care line and I do like their shampoo’s and conditioners, and if you are somebody who likes more of your organic products, that have less of alcohols and stuff in them, I do like the organic stuff. This one in particular, this teatree mint.

Oh, it smells so good. When I put this one on my kids, yummy, yummy, yummy. So, any of those three. Mix it up. Try whatever you want. Find what works for your hair. I am less picky about my shampoo and conditioner and more picky about the products I use other than my shampoo and conditioner. Which one of them would be my coconut oil. So, not that you have to buy this specific brand, but coconut oil in general. Now, make sure when you are buying coconut oil, you buy pure raw coconut oil. That’s the best stuff. You can buy this in most local grocery stores, by the cooking oils. So, like where you olive oil is and your canola oil. It comes like a hard, gooey paste. What I do is just put it between my palms like this and rub it around. You can see that it starts to melt from the heat of your body. Then you run it through your hair. I do this in the shampoo, when my hair has been steamed by the hot water and when it’s all nice and open; the cuticles. Then, I let this sit on my hair for minutes. Then, I wash it off normally. Sometimes, you have to wash it twice just to get all the residue off the top surface of your hair, but this is going to soak down in to those cuticles and really moisturize your hair. Great product for any type of hair. I even use this on my kids with their afro hair. Works like a charm. Love this stuff! On my hair, I do this maybe once every two months. Not very often. So, just once in a while when I need a really deep condition. My next favorite product probably is my oils. So, I use two. This is Pequia oil and this is Argon oil. Some of you might be familiar with Argon oil. It is usually called Moroccan oil. This one is made from the nut of a tree from Morocco, an argon tree. This one is made from a nut of a tree in Brazil. They are very similar. They are made up chemically very similarly to each other, but one has a little bit more oleic acid, and the other has a little bit more lineoleic acid. The Argon oil is a little lighter. If you squirt a drop of it on a plate, you can watch it run.

Then, the Pequia oil you can see that it’s not going to run as fast. It just a little bit heavier, a little bit thicker. So, I think the Pequia oil is great for dry hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, really thick hair. Then, the Argon oil is really good for thinner, straighter hair. I love them both. We use them both. I put it on my hair after I am out of the shower. Immediately, so my hair is still wet, and I’ll just put one drop in my palms, rub it between and then rub it from the nape of my neck down, because it is an oil, so you don’t want it up in your roots. Just go like this through my palms, get it on to any of my ends. It really helps keep those ends healthy and not as frayed from my heat. Just so you know, these run from to dollars a piece, but they last forever. I’ve had this bottle for like months and it’s like an eighth gone, because you use so little of it. Next, when my hair is still wet, I put in a moose. Some people put in root boost. This is just to help the roots of my hair when I blow drying it fluff up and be nice. So, I really like the Suave volumnizing mousse. My daughters really like the TRESemme volumnizing mousse. Take your pick. This one has a natural heat protector which is kind of nice because when your blow drying it, it is also protecting your hair.

Love both of these! Just take a little bit in your palms and rub it through the roots of your hair and then blow dry it like you normally would. That just helps give fullness on top. So, then I will style my hair how I normally would. Do whatever I want with it. When I’m done styling, I actually like to take a drop of my oil again and rub over the top of my hair. Just adding to protect it again and then of course you have heard me sing praises over this product a million times. Love my dry shampoo. So, this the saving product when you are going two or three days without washing your hair, you just take this, it spritzes like a really fine baby powder in your hair, and absorbs any oil in your roots. It really helps it to look refreshed and rejuvenated, so you can go those two or three days without washing your hair. So love my dry shampoo. So, I think that’s it. That’s all the stuff we use, and how we use it. I hope this post was helpful to you. I’m going to need a drink of water after this one. I would say please leave a comment below and just tell us what your favorite products are and also mention what type of hair you have, because that can really make a difference too. I will be doing another hair care post but, I will be doing it for my two adopted children, so their afro hair is completely different hair care, which is going to be really fun. Anyway, leave a comment below tell me what you think. Tell me your suggestions. Helpful hints where you find you products. Anything like that and we will see you guys later! Bye Bye!

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