Overlapping Feathered French Braid Hairstyle

Hi guys thank you for joining us on another week of learn new teach hairstyles, I’m Kerri.

And this is my daughter Gracie this blog is all about learning new. And different hair styles. So if you’re new to our blog we would love for you to comment in this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to do an overlapping feather French braid say that five times fast.

Overlapping Feathered French Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So let’s get started, I started by spraying our hair down with some water. And putting some gel just to control her flyaways we’re going to start right here okay. I’m going to take a slice from here, I’m going to split this in three equal parts, I’m going to bring this over the middle, I’m going to take this strand here.

And split a piece bring it forward let her hold it, I’m going to add hair is a string smooth out the strand bringing this on top of this strand adding hair to the string bring this over middle taking a slice from this strand. And bring it forward then adding some hair to the strand here okay bring this over the middle again it’s basically a French braid the only difference is taking the bottom strand. And taking a slice format.

And bring it down okay. So now I’ve got four strands down here now, I’m going to go ahead. And add a slice to this Tran difference now is adding the strands that, I pulled down take the first one.

And bring it to this strand go ahead. And do a stitch. And then add some hair on top smooth out strand bring that over metal then you’re going to little peace bring this forward better hold it then add piece of hair to the strand then add this strand the next piece to this strand go ahead.

And do your stitch add a slice on the top smooth out the top in this over the middle then you’re going to drop a piece have a hold it add a slice then. And the strand the next strand to this one before you go any further you take the first strand that you pull put together. And you want to very carefully tell get it.

And loosen that out go ahead. And continue your stitch add some hair on top smooth out your top drop a slice. And add some hair to the strand then add the Strand that’s next to this year loosing that you’re you’re gonna see that it’s going to get tighter again as you’re putting it the braid together.

So you just want to loosen. And it’s all repeated. So you get to the bottom of her neck you.

And the last strand on here. And, I’m not going to drop anymore, I’m just going ahead. And add the remainder of these strands to the break last strand, I’m going to add it going to loosen up these strands throw this from the last band hands up like little flowers take a Topsy tail.

And just cover her last again hairspray there you have it hey thanks for reading we would love to hear from you in the comments below about this style check out more of our tutorials by clicking the two boxes right here. And right here if you haven’t already please comment by clicking the two hearts right here until next time learn it through it. And teach others bye bye.

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