Overlapping Striped Ponytail Hairstyle

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So much today we’re going to be showing you guys how to do an overlapping strike to put it down. So let’s get started anything, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below, I already started by putting her hair up in a high ponytail. And I hit her elastic band with her hair okay.

I dampen your hair a little bit just to give it some grit take a section on the right side a pretty good section. And, I’m gonna split it in three equal parts okay. I’m gonna go ahead.

And complete one stitch. And now, I’m gonna take. And grab a strand over on this side to the left.

And bring it on over here to the right complete a stitch again, I’m gonna go ahead. And grab it from this side here. And add it to this right here smooth it out.

And complete a stitch. And you’re going to do this four times okay you can have four strands okay. So now, I’m gonna go ahead.

And just break it down a little ways just have it self hold in place. So it doesn’t unravel you can use a clip if you want or or braid it down further okay. So now you’re going to go ahead.

And do the same thing get a good section of hair on the left side split it in three equal parts. And go ahead. And complete a stitch then you’re gonna go ahead.

And go right underneath this braid or you can have your girl hold it above the head. And look up. And you want to go ahead.

And grab a section here. And bring it on over. And add it to that braid go ahead.

And complete a stitch you’re gonna do this four times now, I’m going to go ahead. And break down a little bit more, I don’t clip on it. So it doesn’t unravel itself then go back over here on this side see how you’ve already gotten that crisscross shape going on you’re going to do the same thing now you’re going to go ahead.

And unravel this knot up to here though you’re just going to unravel it – yeah, I’m gonna go ahead. And add again on this side. And do a stitch.

And again do it four times you’re gonna go ahead. And go. And braid it all the way down.

And I have it clipped to the side bring it over go back to this side. And just flip this is all repeat it okay make sure you go up here that strand right here okay go underneath this. And grab this side grab the side.

And just add this is the same pattern repeated. I’m going to finish this off. And the last one okay stretch it out a little bit bring these two sides of the braid behind it.

So being that it doesn’t really show as much as you’re going down further, I’m just gonna go ahead. And just stop where, I can see patterns ending take the elastic band, I’m going to go ahead. And secure it right here because you can still see that crisscross shape then, I can unravel this with the top to tail.

And just wrap her hair to hide that elastic band spray they’re out a little bit. So that you can see the definition of it. And there you have it thank you.

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