There are several under-eye beauty pads on the market that contain powerful botanicals, such as soybean extracts, to temporarily reduce puffiness and dark circles after a week. They are contoured to the under-eye area. You will need to wear them for 30 minutes a day to see results.


 I felt a bit like a real student for a day, casting aside my true persona of a militarised unit within a militarised unit. After lunch we sat in the dining hall, smoking and talking, before drifting off to while away the afternoon, lying around outside on the grass if the sun was out, like lizards recharging. On Sunday evenings, after the last meal, almost everyone was back in the hostel; people rarely went out on Sunday night. We all squeezed everything we could out of the day, relishing the freedom before in ended with a wake up shout at 05.45 the next morning, when the cycle of inspections and work started all over again. We watched TV on Sunday evening in the lounge or drifted in small groups from room to room, sitting on the bunks of the occupants, talking, joking, shouting, boasting, play-fighting, horsing around. We were like a huge delinquent family, headed up by Chiefy Rozer, keeping us all in order. There was a flavour to Queen Anne Terrace that, once tasted, could never be forgotten. And the time went by. We had a fortnight’s home leave after three months, between the terms.

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