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Your Hands: A makeup artist’s hands are his/her most precious tool. I use my hands to warm concealers, blend foundation, or mix two lip shades. I also use my hands to work makeup into my face, or my subject’s face, so that the makeup feels like a part of the face and not like a […] Read more

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BROWS: SHAPING, GROOMING, AND DEFINING The brow is the face’s forgotten feature. Through the ages, poets and musicians have extolled mysterious eyes, sensual lips, satiny skin, and extraordinary hair. But eyebrows? Nonetheless, a well-groomed, well-defined brow can be extremely flattering and add considerable strength to a woman’s eyes. It can open up her face so […] Read more

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Conversely, if you have an athletic build and a healthy, natural look, your brow should probably be a little thicker and less manicured. Clean up only between the brows and under the arch (as in Brooke Shields or Christy Turlington). If you have small, deep-set eyes, you have the most to gain from a wellshaped […] Read more

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Pale Skin: So many women with pale skin search for the perfect bronzing powder; instead, just make yourself as pale and soft as you can. Never go into the sun. Inspirations: Bernadette Peters, Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Shalom Harlow, Guinevere.

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She’s not taking care of herself and her friends fear something serious is going on,❠says an insider. âœShe’s convinced her career is souring High levels of stress tend to increase our production of cortisol, our fight-or-flight hormone,❠explains nutrition specialist Melanie McGrice ( âœThis can leave some people struggling to eat.❠Career crises, bitter […] Read more

Top 10 Best Powder Foundations for Makeup

10 Best Powder Foundations

Powder Shade Ninety-five (or even ninety-eight or ninety-nine) percent of the time, I find that a yellow-toned powder is much more flattering to a woman’s face than pink powders or so-called flesh-toned powders. This is because almost all women have yellow tones to their skin. Yellow-toned powders have a magical effect on the face, warming […] Read more

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If I eat well, I look good. If I don’t, well, my looks definitely suffer. It seems almost old-fashioned to talk about the connection between healthful eating and good looks, but that link is fundamental. I don’t believe in fad diets like the grapefruit diet or powdered-drink diets, or whatever is this moment’s fad solution. […] Read more

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In developing my color palette for the eyes, I have purposely avoided colors like emerald green, turquoise, and purple. That’s because I would much rather let a woman’s own eye color pop than make a bold statement with the shadow shade. I have also avoided trendy shadow colors the pale blue you see in fashion […] Read more


Eyebrow Mistakes

BROW MISTAKES Paisley-Shaped Brows: A common tweezing mistake. Shaping the brow so that it has a round clump or hook at the inner end and then trails off narrowly never looks good. Excessive Tweezing, Holes: Overaggressive tweezing will result in bare spots, or holes, in the line of the brow. Try to see where a […] Read more

Best Exercise For Weight Loss Ideas & Exercise Plan


Exercise gives me more than a toned, strong body. If I am feeling down, exercise lifts my mood. If I am feeling tired, it gives me energy that I’ve found to be truly addictive. I also find that good, consistent exercise makes me more realistic and accepting of things I don’t like about myself. It […] Read more