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Butter Cream Recipe

Butter Cream Recipe You will need: 6-8 oz. icing sugar vanilla essence 4 oz. butter 1 Sieve the icing sugar. 2 Beat butter with a wooden spoon or spatula until soft. 3 Beat icing sugar into the butter, adding a few drops of vanilla essence. The amount of icing sugar needed will depend on the […] Read more

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Billie Zangewa

Artist Billie Zangewa (right) worked in the fashion and advertising world before focusing full-time on her art. Drawing on her knowledge of textiles and design, she incorporates these elements into her delicate tapestries. Her work has been shown in exhibitions across the continent and abroad. In 2004, she won the Most Stylish Person in South […] Read more


Apple Sauce Recipe

Apple Sauce Recipe Cooking Time: 20-30 minutes You will need: 1 lb. cooking apples 1 pint water 1 oz. butter 1 strip lemon peel 2 oz. sugar (optional) 1 Peel and slice apples. 2 Put all ingredients in a pan and cook until the apples are reduced to a pulp. 3 Remove lemon peel, if […] Read more



Three South African women you admire? Thuli Madonsela, our Public Protector. She manages to remain cool and professional in an environment that wills her to fall apart. Basetsana Kumalo. Working in media myself has made me appreciate the course her career has taken. There’s something to be said for having a vision and executing it. […] Read more



How does your collection resonate with the young South African democracy? My work celebrates one of many South Africa cultures that society used to perceive as taboo. I have the freedom to show the way I imagined how that culture could grow aesthetically, if it was developed and integrated within modern society. Best piece of […] Read more

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Egg Custard Recipe

Egg Custard Recipe Cooking Time: about 15 minutes You will need: 1 pint milk, short 1 dessertspoon sugar measure few drops vanilla 2 egg yoiks essence 1 Add a little cold milk to the egg yolks and heat the remainder of the milk. 2 Pour the hot milk over the lightly beaten yolks and milk, […] Read more

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Skin Pigmentation Disorders

THE PROBLEM: PIGMENTATION Pigmentation is caused by many things – hormones, sun damage and acne scarring are usually the biggest culprits. THE SOLUTION: While some forms of pigmentation can be concealed with a dab of foundation, it’s sometimes not so easily dealt with – and anyway, the aim is always to have a clear complexion, […] Read more