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All About Rosacea

THE PROBLEM : ROSACEA THE SOLUTION: Rosacea is an often embarrassing uncontrollable flushing of the cheeks (and other areas of the face). It can be triggered by stress, heat and even spicy food, and can often also cause acne-like bumps brought on by the inflammation. Of course, the first step is to avoid things that […] Read more



THE PROBLEM: FIRST SIGNS OF AGEING THE SOLUTION: Although the skin’s ageing process starts long before you notice it, the first signs of ageing start to appear when you’re in your 30s. Crow’s feet, faint frown lines, dark spots and a dull complexion – these are the early indicators. The solution is to take your […] Read more



THE PROBLEM: DRY AND FLAKY SKIN Skin is parched and needs to be hydrated THE SOLUTION: To combat this problem e ectively, you need to do more than slap on a thick layer of moisturiser. Dead skin cells (especially if skin has become fl aky) need to be sloughed o . An exfoliator is great, […] Read more

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Fab Facials

We offered up our faces for some indulgent treatments. Here’s our pamper-rating QMS MEDICOSMETICS OXYGEN FACIAL Maybe Corpaci, Junior Beauty Editor R850 for 90 minutes The Experience: Aimed at promoting cell regeneration, this facial is a skin boost with immediate, visible results. The treatment begins with a thorough cleanse, followed by deep exfoliation to remove […] Read more

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Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Hollandaise Sauce Recipe Cooking Time: 1-2 minutes to reduce vinegar You will need: 2 tablespoons white 3 oz. unsalted butter wine vinegar lemon juice 2 egg yolks salt and pepper 5-oz. carton plain yoghourt seasoning 1 Put the vinegar in a small pan and boil until the quantity is reduced to 1 tablespoon. 2 Leave […] Read more

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Summer Shoes Styles For Women

FOOT WORK The mule has made a stylish comeback and we are excited to make it part of our wardrobe. Whether patterned, as seen in Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, embellished and quirky, flat or heeled, the mule has the power to update your outfit. While the silhouette can be tricky to pull o, it […] Read more

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4 Best Beauty Products

THE NEW-IN Known for its haircare and make-up products, Hannon has now launched an extensive skincare range. Not only enhanced by the minimalist packaging, these are products that promise to deliver! And they do. Hannon Facial Cleanser, R235, Ph Balancing Toner, R225 and Balancing Moisturiser with Moist 24, R295 THE BESPOKE With its characteristic black-and-white […] Read more

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Best Makeup Products Of 2017

These limited editions are like every woman, one of a kind. Once they’re gone, they won’t come back – so grab them while you can Top tip Make sure to use your new products for at least four weeks before deciding if they work for you. Remember your skin has a 28-day cycle, so let […] Read more

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Makeup Artist Pictures

Your fingers may do the trick, but a great face starts with the right brushes – stash these nifty little tools in your make-up bag 1. ECO TOOLS LASH BROW GROOMER BRUSH, R49.95 Take control of those stray brows and separate lashes in seconds with this double-headed brush. 2. PALLADIO SMUDGE BRUSH, R85 Soft and […] Read more