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Paloma FAT ! One thing that we especially like about Paloma Faith (apart from her eminently achievable ‘bargain bin at the charity shop’ style) is the fact that she can give as good as she gets. However, even she had to admit that the quest to be the perfect Earth Mother defeated her last August, when she gave birth to her first child with partner Leyman Lahcine. Interviewed on ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show she admitted: “I said ‘I’m going Gallaghers at War: The Next Generation At times the war of words between Noel and “Our Kid”, his bratty younger brother Liam, has threatened to eclipse their music careers. The endless fighting certainly contributed to the death of Oasis and now it seems that the battle between both sides of the Gallagher family is being continued by their children. It was recently reported that Gene, Liam’s 16 year-old son from his marriage to All Saints singer, Nicole Appleton, had accused Noel’s 17 year-old daughter Anais from his marriage to Meg Matthews, as looking like Noel in a blonde wig.

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If, like Anais, you are trying to develop a career in modelling, this is not exactly what you were hoping to hear. To make things even more fraught, Gene accused his cousin of mixing only with a crowd of North London celebrity offspring that includes Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s son Rafferty and Brooklyn Beckham, scion of David and Victoria. In fact, let’s take a look at Gene’s tweets in full, shall we? “Firstly u look like ur dad w a blonde wig on. Secondly, u model coz of who u are nobody care about who u are lmao.” Clearly Gene has also inherited his father’s verbal dexterity. The Entertainment Charts The Entertainment Charts Sam is No Sellout Few singer-songwriters have managed to gain such a high profile on the strength of one album but, with a staggering four Grammy Awards for his 2014 debut, In the Lonely Hour, Sam Smith’s eagerly awaited second album looks set to be the bestseller of late 2017/early 2018. He already has a Number One success with the first release from album number two in the shape of ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ and could be forgiven for cashing in on his success by selling his cast-off songs to other artists.

This is common practice in the music business and many songwriters are very happy to accept the extra cash for the work that they have put in – but this is not something that Smith would ever contemplate. Interviewed by Australian radio station, KIIS FM he said, “I dunno, I don’t really like giving my songs to other people, it’s just not for me. Maybe just because my songs, like all the other others, are just s***.” Those Grammy Awards say not, Sam – stop being so modest! Cougars We Like Well, good for Halle Berry! After enduring several years of a love life that has been troubled to say the least (Olivier Martinez, anyone?) 51-year-old Halle decided to break the news of her relationship with British music producer, Alex da Kid who, at the age of 35, is 16 years younger. Despite having two children (a daughter from her relationship with Gabriel Aubry and a son from her marriage to Martinez) and entering an age-group in which it often becomes difficult for even the most popular actresses to find work, Halle is looking fantastic. Being a cougar must agree with her. to do hypnobirthing, no drugs…’ and then everything that could go wrong went wrong and I had all the drugs imaginable and 20 hours of labour and an emergency Caesarean and a premature baby.” Admitting to a new admiration for multi-child families (“When you meet other people whose relationships are still going strong after multiple children, they deserve medals, it’s amazing”) she admitted that toning her post-baby body took some time. “One day I went for an appointment and the nurse said to me, ‘You look like a chubbier Paloma Faith’ and I was like, ‘People say that a lot’.” The cheek of it!

Always Crashing in the Same Car I don’t know what it is about that old Bowie track but it perfectly sums up the recent news about Aaron Carter. What is it about the term ‘teen idol’ and the adjective ‘troubled’ that seem to go together like fish and chips?

Years ago we had David Cassidy’s battles with the bottle and even Donny Osmond teamed up with Billy Idol for wild nights out to prove that he wasn’t quite the good Mormon boy of legend. It’s been a traumatic time for Aaron, whose big brother Nick is one-fifth of the Backstreet Boys, as he recently lost his father, was arrested on suspicion of drink driving, experienced an HIV scare and admitted that, at the tender age of 29, he has already developed an addiction to cosmetic surgery and an unhealthy reliance on painkillers.

He has also recently written off his car and received three home visits from the police in 24 hours after trying to obtain a gun. In the middle of all this personal angst and chaos, the fact that he has ‘come out’ as bisexual is really neither here nor there. Let’s hope that Aaron regains his equilibrium very soon.

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