Pancake Braid with Double Twists Updos Hairstyles

-Today, I am going to show you how to do the pancaked updo. I think you’re going to love it. So I have started by parting her hair, sort of like in two Vs from the front to back. You can see that they kind of come down right at the nape of her neck. And I’ve just pulled all of this out of the way to show you guys the part line. And I’ll show you from the front, too. So it’s just starting right there in the middle of her head. Now, I am going to just have her kind of hang on to those sides, so they don’t get braided in. And you can use clips if your home by yourself doing this on your own hair. And I’m going to let this loose. Now, this middle section, we’ve released it from the rubber band, and we’re just going to take it and begin our French braid. Now, I don’t want to start the French braid too close to the top of her forehead because it’s an updo. I want it to look a little softer. So make sure that you start your French braid back a couple inches.

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And I’m going to do a Dutch braid. So you’re going to be doing your strands over the middle. And then, just keep adding in hair, just like a regular Dutch braid right down the center of her head. And like I said, just try not to, make sure that you’re not braiding those side pieces into the braid. Don’t want those in there. And when you get down a bit further, you just keep adding in. Make sure you have your elastic ready so that when you’re all finished, you can secure it. And I’m going to braid down to about there and then secure it with an elastic. And put it in. Now, I’ve gone down till about there just because we’re going to end up rolling this up and tucking it. So you need a little bit of hair to hide the tuck part underneath. If you secured the elastic right here, it won’t work. So now, we pancake. Now, everyone knows by this point this just means pull. And on this particular, run you’re really going to want to pull quite a bit. So it’s an extreme pull not like a mild subtle pull. And we’re just going to pull all the way up, like really big, really fluffy. Makes it look very loose. And then, you can even go back and tug some more, just kind of till you like it. And we want this really flat, flat look all the way down. So when you get this kind of the way you like it that looks good to me. then, we’re going to take this end that we have the remainder, and I’m just going to take it and kind of just roll it up. And if you make like you can kind of just take your fingers and make a little bit of a nest, like a little hole in there, and just sort of tuck all of the remaining hair up into underneath the braid. And you may need to use a bobby pin or two to secure that in place. I think I’m going to need one more on this side.

So now, you can see, we have this nice beautiful very fluffy full braid all the way down her head. Now, on these side pieces, what I’m going to do is take a comb and, again, just a little bit of teasing right there in the root. And I’m going to give it one small little twist because we want to hide the part line. Like that. And I’m going to keep twisting the piece. Now, we don’t want to just lay it over the top of the braid because that looks kind of silly. So what you do is you just take this, give it a nice, gentle tug, pull down the hair strand. It’s just fluffing up, kind of messing it up, making it look softer and looser like that. Take that piece, wrap it over the top, wrap it underneath, bobby pin it up in there. Now, I’m going to do the same thing only on this side of the head. So I’m teasing a little bit, again. I’m going to give it a nice soft twist. Keep that part line hidden. Twist the strand. And then, just loosen. So you can pull and tug until you like the way that it sits. And then there we go. we take it, wrap it up underneath, and the pin it in place. OK. When you’re all finish with that, it is done, and I will show you the finished product. I think it turned out so beautiful. I love that the twists across here break up the braid, so it’s not so obvious that it’s just a braid. I think it’s one of those hair dos where people are like, hm, how did you do that. And it definitely looks way more complicated than it actually was. So we hope that you guys enjoy this one. And as a little bit of a bonus for you, if you look here, you guys will find that we’ve actually uploaded another post this week on the Disney Style blog, and it was our version of Vanellope Von Schweetz hair from the movie “Wreck-It Ralph.” So we hope you guys enjoy both posts, and we will see you guys later. Adios. See you. So you have two little cute kitty cat ears that you can use to dress up any Halloween costume. And I think it’s really fun. What do you think? Is that right? Are you filming? See? That’s a hard one. Is that right? Very good.

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