Pancake Braids w Sock Curls Bohemian Hair Hairstyles

Hey, I’m Abby from LA, and we’re going to show you this morning what we’re calling pancake braids, which is also a really, nice, soft, bohemian braid. So I’m going to show you just on a basic, basic, three-strand braid. This is not a French braid, anything like that. I’m going to turn you this way. So we’re starting, you can see her hair has lots of gorgeous curl to it because we just undid some soft curls. And if you don’t know what soft curls are, it’s just curls using socks and you sleep in it overnight. So it’s another great no-heat curls tutorial. And you can find it. I’ll link to it in this post so that you can find that if you haven’t seen it.

Pancake Braids w Sock Curls Bohemian Hair Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So we’re just looking for a way to finish off her curls this morning. So we’re going to just do a pancake braid. So I’m going to just take a section of hair right by her ear, just a little section, divide it into three chunks, just like you would a normal braid. And go ahead and braid it. You’re going to braid it all the way down, just loosely. You don’t want it pulled super, super tight. And obviously, because of her curl, I’m working on dry hair this morning. It works on wet as well, but mine’s dry. Now when you get to the end of the braid, just stop and hold it in your fingers. Don’t put an elastic or anything in. Now go back up to the top, and near the edge of each kind of little bump in the braid, just give it a tug. And you see how it pops that out? So we’re just going to go down and pop out each little bump.

And this doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t ruin your hair. You’re just loosening the braid, that’s all you’re doing. When you get down to the bottom, you might have to readjust where you’re holding. Now I’m going to go and do the other side of the braid. Same thing, just pulling out those little edges. Pop making them pop out a little. And you can see why we’re calling this a pancake braid, just because it looks so much flatter than a regular braid. It kind of looks like a big, ol’, flat pancake. And you can pull it out as puffy as you want it to be, or as loose as you want it to be. Or as not loose, sorry, as you want it to be; however you like it. So you can see there, I’ve got lots of great puffs. And I’ve already done them on this side, too. OK, now turn around backwards for me, would you? Switch, sorry. And I’m just going to kind of cross them over like so, and then pin them. But I’ve got to rubber band them first. Rubber band. Thank you. Now I’m just going to take the two pancake breaks braids and cross them over each other like so. And then bobby pin them into place. And then kind of tuck those ends up and hide them under that other braid. Same over here. Another bobby, please. One more. And when you’ve got your braid all secured the way you want it, then you can just spray it and it turns into this beautiful bohemian braid. With her curls, it looks amazing. There you go.

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