Pancake Lace Braid Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Bailey from LA, and this is Brooklyn, my twin sister. And this morning, we’re going to show you a super cute hairstyle that we do all the time. It’s called the pancake lace braid, and I know lots of people that absolutely love it. So we’re going to show you who to do it this morning. You want to first start out with a small piece of hair, just at the top, because when you do the braid, you want it to go diagonal. So we’re going to begin to lace braid it, and it’s going to be a Dutch braid.

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So let’s grab this piece, and we’re going to begin to braid. And how you lace braid is you grab just a small piece of hair from the top, and you only add in hair from the top. You don’t add in hair from the bottom. So we’ll begin to braid. And we’re going to grab again and add in only to the top piece. OK. And more time, we’re going to keep going, adding from the top. Why don’t you tell them what we did last night, Brooklyn? We went to the Kid History premiere for their th post. And you know, we all hung out with them and saw the post. But what was weird was we were in line waiting to say hi, and my student council teacher was there. He was like dancing and freaking out when he saw Kid History, and [SIGHS] It was really fun, though, to hang out with Kid History. They are so cool. Yeah, they really are.

They’re hilarious. So funny. By the way, their Episode is hilarious. So funny. OK, so I’m almost done with lace braid. And one more piece right here. OK, so when you’re done with the lace braid right here, normally you would just keep braiding. But we’re going to stop and rubber band it, because I think it gives it kind of a looser, cuter look to it. And we’re going to rubber band it like this. And then it’s going to lay flat like that. OK, this is done with the lace braid, but now, we’re going to pancake it. So we’re going to pull the edges of the braid out to make it look pancaked. And we’re going to do this to the whole braid so that it looks soft and cute and girly. And there you have it, the pancaked lace braid. Another fun thing you can do with it is to add cute accessories, because sometimes, you don’t want to just see the rubber band, but you can add a cute accessory. So I’m going to add this bow. Come on, bow. There we go. And there you have it, the cute, pancaked lace braid. Be sure to watch us on YouTube at BrooklynAndBailey, and please comment. We’ll see you next week. Bye.

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