Pancaked 4-Strand Waterfall Braid Cute Hairstyles

Hey guys. I’m Abby and this is Bailey. And we’re from LA. Today we’re going to show you how to do a four strand waterfall. Now, before you panic, and think that sounds crazy complicated, just trust me that it’s really not. When you dissect it down, it’s very simple, but looks gorgeous. OK, so first thing you need to know is that with this braid, the strands that you start with are going to be the strands that you end with. So, if you have short strands like Bailey does in front, because she has layers, you’re not going to be able to probably go all the way around your head with this braid. So, for her, we are going to just do a cute braid right here.

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But, you can always do two on each side and connect them in the back. Or if you have long hair in the front, go ahead and wrap it all around all of which would be beautiful. So we’re going to start by picking up a pretty good size section right here in front because this is going to be our strand all the way through. We’re going to divide it into four pieces. One two, three, and four. Now, we’re going to go under. We are going to take this top piece right here. And it’s basically going to weave through the other three. So under, then over, and then under, and I’m going to just let it fall. She is going to help me hang on to it just to keep out of the way. So we have three strands at this point. Now, at this point, you’re just going to do a regular braid stitch. So I’m going to take the middle piece and go over, and the middle piece and go over. So that is just a completely normal basic braid stitch right there. Now we’re going to pick up some hair at the top and that becomes our fourth stress again. And we’re going to continue to repeat what we just did. So it goes under, then over, then under. Have her hold it.

OK that was one little weave section. Now we have to do regular braid stitch. So again, middle piece goes crossover Then this middle piece again crossed it over. And we are back to our three strands. We need fourth, so we are going to pick up some hair. And again, we’re back to our four. So we need to go under, over, under, and have her hold it. And then do our regular braid stitch again. So do you see the pattern that we’re forming as we are going along. Now we’re back to our four strand stitch. So again under, over, under, hold. Now a regular braid stitch. Switch it, switch it. And you can see it beginning to form. The four strand waterfall. We’re going to go under, over, under, hold and switch. Now you can keep going back as far as you want. I’ll probably just do one last little piece right here. Like I said, you can try to wrap it all the way around the head. You could do it on each side of the head. You could do it a million different ways. We’re just going to do it this way for her. And then right here, I’m just going to finish off with normal braid. At this point, you can see that we have these smaller pieces in her hair. Then I’m just going to go back and tug it a little bit because I want to really accent this cute braid in here. You can see I am just pancaking. So I’m just pulling those edges. Given them a little pop. You can go back and do these a little more. OK. So, I like the way that that’s showing a lot better.

I’m just going to go ahead and just do a little tiny bit right here. And then, I’m actually going to lift up her hair and using two Bobby pins, I’m going to cross them so that they stay where they need to be. Right there. I’m going to take her hair over the top to hide it. And we’re just going to let it fall like this. Now, look at how cute that is. It’s adorable. Just a little more and we have our four strand waterfall. Tip your head down just a little Bailey, I want them to see. This looks very different. You might think it’s similar to a regular waterfall braid, but it’s actually not. Because in a regular waterfall braid, the third piece is always the one dropping and so it’s much looser look. This actually has like a tight braid affect through it. And it just looks like the pieces are kind of falling right between the braid strands which is really cool. OK. Let’s do the final spin. I think this looks so pretty. I just watched the post to make sure the stranding could be seen they want it. And it looks awesome. I’m so excited. So excited. OK, now you guys may not know that besides our YouTube blog that you guys watch posts on every Sunday we also have a website. It’s called Big surprise, right. And we not only post the same posts, but we put in lots of extra pictures of the hairstyles, as well as step by step written tutorials. So, if you guys are interested in any of that, be sure to check out I’ll put a link right here and in the description box below. Go check it out and we’ll see you guys next Sunday. Bye guys.

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