Pancaked Bun of Braids Hairstyles

Hi Guys! I’m Abby from LA, and I am here today with Kamri, and we’re going to show you how to do the Bun of Braids! Now, we kind of have one that, I think, is sort of similar, in the Pinwheel Bun, but with all the twists and stuff in the pinwheel, it takes a really long time to do it. So we figured out this new method that will, kind of, give a similar look, but it speeds things up and looks amazing! OK, now I’m going to take my trusty Bun Maker, and her hair is already in a high ponytail, and I’m going to slip her hair through the bun maker, and let it fall, evenly, all over the top of the bun maker. So we get it nice and smooth, and even. And this hairstyle’s going to vary just slightly, depending on the thickness of your hair. Kamri has really fine hair strands, but she has, like a medium thickness hair.

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So, I’m going to make a little spot on one side, it doesn’t matter where you start, but right here for me, and then I’m gonna go just a little bit back and pick up about, an inch of hair. OK. So we’ve got our, like, inch of hair, and we’re gonna start her braids right here with this piece. So I’m going to do a Regular Braid. So, I’m going to break this into three strands, and I’m going to go ahead and just begin a regular braid. And I’m going to do it, I wouldn’t say super tight, but super loose, either, just medium. We’re going to end up pancaking the hair, so we don’t want it so tight that the hair won’t separate when we want it to. So, just do a really quick braid, you only need to go down about six inches, maybe that far. eight inches. Then I’m going to take my fingers, pop them underneath the bun maker, grab that braid, and flip it through. This is why you don’t have to braid it very far, because you want it to loosen up right here at the top again. So we have our nice first little braid. We’re going to take her hair, this is the piece we were using before, and I’m going to gather, maybe another half an inch of hair. And I’m going to add it to that original section, so, again, we have an inch of hair. And, you’re gonna want to mix this up. Like, you don’t want one piece to be all of that short hair, and then two pieces to be all long. So I, kind of, just try to run my fingers through it a few times, mix the hair up, and then, again, separate it into three sections, and begin another regular braid. OK. So we are doing a regular braid. Again, you’re going about six, eight inches, maybe. And, reach through, flip it under, loosen it up, grab a half an inch section of hair. Let me turn you a little bit more. this chair doesn’t want to stay put today! Add in another half an inch. Make sure you mix the hair up again. I’m going to take just a tiny bit more, I can feel that section is just a little bit smaller. And, again, section off. start a braid. OK, on this last piece, you do want to braid all the way down, on this one, because you’re going to use the entire length of hair on this very last one. So, quickly try to braid it all the way down. To the tiny, tiny, tiny ends. And then, secure it with an elastic. I mean, some of the ends you can hide, you can just tuck back into the bun, but. So, grab our elastic at this point. wrap There we go!

OK, same thing, just going to reach in, wrap it through the bun maker, and then go ahead and do it again. And this will depend, again, on the length of hair, you may only get one wrap, you may get two. It sort of varies a little bit. And then on this one, I mean, I just. you know, Kamri’s hair is just kind of that weird length where can either try to do a third one, or I can just try to make these a little bit looser, and tuck it in the back. So it is up to you what you do, on that one, I may just try to loosen it all a little bit, and tuck this end piece down into the middle. Hide that a little bit. OK. Now, you can see the problem is, at this point, that her hair isn’t. you know, we didn’t do enough braids to cover the entire bun maker. So this is how we are going to fix that. We are going to go back to where we started, and you’re just going to pancake the hair. And this, by pancaking, I mean you are really going to pull it, so it is quite a bit bigger than it was to begin with. Like, you know, really tug on those five or six little spots of elbows, so that they’re really big and puffy! And then we are going to slide it over to the side a little bit. We’re going to go to the next braid, and do the same thing, and just really tug. And then, when you get them, you know, pulled, tugged open, so that they are really full, I’m just going to take a hair pin. And a hair pin is a little different than a bobby pin. You can use a bobby pin, too, if you want.

I just like the hair pins, because there’s a little more space between the middle. And I’m just going to try to catch a little piece of both edge of braid, and then tuck that hair pin down. So that those edges are just barely touching each other and covering up the bun maker. Now we’re going to keep going around the bun, we’re going to go to the next braid. Give it a good tug, this doesn’t hurt or damage the hair, you’re just loosening up those braids you created. Making them nice and puffy! And, again, take a little hair pin, grab a little tiny edge of both pieces, and stick it in. Go to the next braid, pull, you can see why we didn’t want to braid it too tightly. I’m just going to take one tiny little bobby pin, just for good measure, to make sure we don’t have this end popping out right here. Tuck it down in. And, we are finished! And what you end up with, is, just, this really gorgeous textured bun! OK, so let’s do the final spin! Do, doo, doo, dooooo! I love it, because it is so much texture in the bun, and you can’t really even tell it is braids. So, you are just kind of wondering how they did that! Which is what I love about it! Now, for those of you guys who were following Kamri on her Instagram account, she had one, KamriNoel, and, unfortunately, she got shut down because she wasn’t yet. And that’s the rule, their policy. So we set her up a new account, you can find her, I’ll put a link in the description box below, but it is @KamriNoelM. Can you say it? Tell them! It is spelled, K-A-M-R-I-N-O-E-L-M. And, she lost touch with a lot of you, and she was really sad, and very sad to lose her pictures. So we are going to try again, and this time I am helping her run it, so, of course, we are all up and up this time, and, won’t have any problems. So go check her out, she would love to see you guys over there! Huh, Kamri? Yes! And we will see you guys next Sunday! Bye, guys! Bye! Click here to comment! Click to watch our French Loop Braid hair tutorial! Thank you, from LA! What are you doing? It didn’t work! Ow, ouch! No, why can I not shoot one! Ouch! Ow! You’re going to hit me right in the eyes! I can’t shoot it! Ow!.

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