Parody Ugly Sweater Make Up Tutorial Low Cheek Bones

Hey low cheekies and welcome back to my blog. If you like what you see here with my face and its movements stay tuned and keep reading. So this holiday season is all about dressing up your body in ratchet and deplorable threads for ugly sweater parties. So I really wanted to match that up and dress you up in an amazing hideously gorgeous face base. So we’re just going to kind of do an adorable little fair isle fisherman sweater kind of effect. So you just want to do little stripeys um I’m going in with my pine stripes first. I just want to show you guys how pigmented and kale like this color is. So I’m taking this um red lippie and I’m just going to match it up with my green lippies. Can you guys see how richly pigmented that is? I just want to show you guys.

Parody Ugly Sweater Make Up Tutorial Low Cheek Bones Photo Gallery

Just to give it like that kind of like chunky Ralph Lauren cable knit effect. So I love that I look like a Christmas time watermelon and I love that I look absolutely hideous but absolutely beautiful at the same time. So I’m going to take my little um ornamentation and just kind of ever so slightly dangle it around my forehead. Where’s the party at? and you’re like I’m right here guys! I love sipping on hot totties with these tassel earrings because they just kind of like flirtatiously fall onto my tottie. I love this look so much because it’s just going to be such a show stopping look and my boyfriend Jason Q is just going to be arm and arm on me. Anybody who’s anybody knows that an ugly sweater has yarn in it. So I’m going to take these knitting needles and insert them directly into my chanyeol so my aesthetic.

So now I’m taking this excess yarny ball and I’m just going to wrap it around my my neck to give it that kind of Kylie Jenner choker effect and then if you see a little kitten in the bathroom at your holiday party you can just kind of dangle it down in a very sexual way So here’s the completed look guys I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did this was my first time doing this look and I think it turned out pretty amazing. As always per usual if you have something to say if you want to do your own look. I’d be very curious to see what you had in store for me. Guys actually I’m really excited we have our first guest for my holiday party um Nally Oh my God it is so good to see you Hi! Hi! Oh my God [kiss noises] It’s so good to see you! Oh my God you look amazing So do you I love this Thank you so much Amazing Really? For more facial knitwear looks click below and comment to Riot.

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