The Urban Tweeter drinkware line, created for their Pune based brand Rayden Design Studio, borrows form the Indian robin. Their clean and minimal aesthetic combined with impeccable finish is noteworthy. Website:


Barry was taking ullages with the Chinese sailor as we clattered up the gangway. Joey leaned on the rails watching them. We barracked and boasted of our evening, then headed to the ships bar for a night-cap. The noise from the bar rolled towards us in a wave as we approached. It was packed: everyone off-duty was in there, in full swing. The Old Man was sitting straight and large and serious on his stool, large gin in front of him, large hand wrapped round it. LJ -uncharacteristically up late – sitting next to him, not drunk but looking relaxed, his forehead crinkled in sympathy as he listened to the fourth engineer telling him a tale of woe. The chief engineer and the second were at the end of the bar; the chief loud and raucous, jabbing his finger at the second, a dour Welshman, his head hanging, his mouth slack, his eyes vacant. Sparks seemed happy, not talking, just sitting on his stool grinning and smoking. The third mate was playing a loud game of darts with a couple of fivers and the chief steward.

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