Patchwork Mermaid Braid Hairstyle

Hi everyone welcome to the review teach hairstyles, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi everyone this blog is all about learning different hairstyles if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment in this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to create what we call the patchwork mermaid braid. So let’s get started, I’m going to start off by putting some shine pomade in her hair just to control the fly ways. And to make her hair nice.

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And shiny, I’m gonna comb her hair smooth. And, I’m going to start by taking a slice from the right side right where her temple is right here, I’m gonna take a slice. And then, I’m going to take a slice from the left side right by the temple, I’m gonna join them together over more on the left side than in the middle.

And, I’m going to split them in three equal parts okay. And, I’m going to take this right strand over the middle strand here. And, I’m going to add a slice from the right joining it in with this strand here make sure that her strands are combed smoothly now, I’m going to take the left strand here.

And bring it over to this strand right here. And, I’m going to join a slice from this side to this strand here, I’m going to take the right strand bring it over the middle. And take in another strand from the side on the right.

And bring it on over to that this right string making sure that the strands here are comb smooth putting the left strand in the middle of this strand here grabbing the slice here this is all repeated down to her top here. So now that, I have both strands equaling the top of it here, I’m going to braid her hair about down to the bottom of her earlobe okay. I’m about equal to the bottom of her earlobe.

I’m going to go ahead. And hit clip clipper braid right here. And, I’m gonna start over on this side.

And start over here on this side taking this place right here calming it. And, I’m going to split that in three equal parts, I’m going to make a braid putting the right side of the strand over the middle adding a slice right here to that strand right here putting the left strand over the middle bring a strand from this side here right behind this braid, I’m going to go right under it. And grab a slice bring it on over this is all repeated down to the bottom of our earlobe this side, I’m gonna stop the braid right here, I’m just going to finish this off with a regular braid about right here I’d say about three inches down another clip.

And clip right here taking this here, I’m going to continue this braid by adding a slice from the left joining it to the left strand you’re going to take this strand here on the outside of this braid you’re going to take an outside strand. And bringing it over that braid swing over it just like a normal mermaid braid. I’m gonna stop right equal to this one just ran here, I’m gonna just stop right there.

And, I’m going to finish it off with a braid. And, I’m going to just stop right here, I’m going to let this one go this clip, I’m going to let the clip go. And, I’m going to take this Tran here.

And this strand here. And put it together put this strand it together. So you that you have three strands one two three, I’m going to finish it by adding hair on the side, I’m gonna secure it off within elastic bein now you can just fix the strands here.

And separate them a little put a little hairspray. And my favorite clip just to hide that unless you’ve been. And there you have it the finished style thank you.

So much for reading let us know what you think about the style. And comments below we would love to hear from you don’t forget to check out our latest tutorial right here please give us a thumbs up. And comment to the link below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we love you guys until next time learn it do it. And teach you it is hi.

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