Peasant Style Omelette Recipe

Peasant Style Omelette Recipe

Cooking Time: 2-3 minutes

You will need for 4 servings:

2-3 small cold cooked 1 teaspoon chopped potatoes chives

1 oz. butter salt and pepper

2-3 eggs

1 Dice the potatoes and fry in the butter until well browned.

2 Beat the eggs lightly, add the chives and seasoning.

3 Add the potatoes to the eggs and then cook the omelette in the usual way.

Devilled omelette

Cooking Time: about 3 minutes

You will need for 4 servings:

3 eggs 2 tablespoons thin salt, cayenne pepper cream 1 level teaspoon dry 2 oz. cooked ham, mustard chopped pinch curry powder 1 oz. butter

2 tablespoons water

1 Beat the eggs lightly and all the other ingredients except the butter.

2 Heat the butter in an omelette pan, add the egg mixture and cook fairly quickly, stirring occasionally and loosening the omelette from the side of the pan.

3 When lightly set on the under side, put the pan under the grill to brown the top.

4 Fold over and serve at once.

Spanish omelette

Cooking Time: 5 minutes to cook filling; 1f-2 minutes for the omelette

You will need for 4 servings:

For the filling:

1 small onion 1 tablespoon tarragon

2 tomatoes vinegar

1 tablespoon oil cayenne pepper

For the omelette:

3 eggs

f oz. butter 3 teaspoons water

1 Peel and chop the onion very finely, peel and slice the tomatoes.

2 Heat the oil and cook the onion and tomato until the onion is tender, but not coloured.

3 Add vinegar and pepper.

4 Cook the omelette and put the filling in the centre before folding over.

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