Peek-A-Boo Patterns


Tech savvy parents are going to be glad. Peek-A-Boo Patterns, known for their adorable decor items for kids, has launched their e-commerce website. “It is meant for the busy but dedicated folks of today,” elaborates Garima Agarwal, Director and designer of the label.


Peek-A-Boo Patterns Photo Gallery

The engineer cadets served behind the bar, squabbling. The music bashed out of the big Sony box. As we walked in – as we actually walked through the doorway – Blue Moon struck up. I glanced at John, thinking the song would set him off again, wailing about his dead Alsatian, although he seemed to have got past that. We nuzzled in to the group around the bar and signalled to the engineer cadets for two cans of beer. They passed us two cold Tigers. We looked at each other, we cracked open our cans, we looked around at all our fine comrades – at three in the morning in November in the Yokohama docks, and toasted. My trip on the SS Vexilla was nearly nine months long: a tramp around the Far East and across the Indian Ocean – a tramp around Conrad country. I went to the ports and places that for me were an adventure just by their names – places I had read about and had wanted to go to before I ever even came to the East: Djakarta; Singapore; Port Klang; Penang; Bangkok; Sarawak; Manila; Tabangao; Cebu; Hong Kong; Keelung; Kaoshung; Yokohama; Kobe; Osaka; Nagoya; Sapporo; Pusan; and back again, then back again. We sailed through the Malacca Straits and the Singapore Straits and across the Gulf of Thailand and through the Sunda Straits and the Balabac Straits and the Mindoro Straits and the Luzon Straits and the Korea Strait.

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