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A couple of enjoyable tracks in an ultimately disappointing offering

At 80 years old, and onto her 22″d album, the legendary Peggy Seeger (brother of the late, great Pete) is showing no sign of easing off with her unique style of folk music. A quick read of her biography reveals the extraordinary life Seeger has led – being barred entry back into her native America after visiting Communist China in the 1950s, getting deported from the UK after her visa expired and just being a general hell-raiser, so it’s even more amazing that her music is so subtle and uncomplicated.

EVERYTHING CHANGES is a contemporary folk album, but has a distinctly traditional feel that transcends the many varied decades of Seeger’s long and adventurous life.Track six. When Fairy Stories End, in particular, sounds like it would be even better coming out of a crackly wireless in World War Two. Contrast this to the playful and flirty Do You Believe In Me?, which is much more upbeat and enjoyable.

This is, amazingly, Seeger’s first album that utilises co-writers and a backing band. It’s clear that she is trying to push the boundaries of what she is capable of, and at times it sounds like a bit of a stretch. There seems to be no consistent theme across the album, aside from a general premise of ‘love and stuff’. By the time the last song finished. I’m afraid to say that I was quite glad it was over. The last few tracks in particular are very uninspiring and blur into one amorphous ‘blob’ of folk music. Her voice, to be fair, is impressively strong, and a few of the tracks are genuinely enjoyable. Not enough, though, unfortunately. Chris Beck

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