Pendulum Braid Hairstyle

Hi guys welcome to our blog my blog for those who don’t know us my name is Kerry.

And this is my daughter Graycie hi this blog is all about learning new. And different hair stuff. So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment.

And if you’re already a commentr we thank you. And we love you. So much for supporting us today we’re going to show you what we call the pendulum break.

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So let’s get started you’re gonna start by having our hair half up into a ponytail, I went ahead. And just sprayed down a little bit of water onto her hair just a few more flyaways as well as putting some gel up here anything, I mentioned in this post of any products, I’ll leave a link in the description box below you’re going to lift up this ponytail here. And you’re going to create a four strand box braid if you don’t know how to do a four strand box braid you can click there to learn how to do it, I’m just going to go ahead.

And create a box braid, I’m going to stop here. And secure it off. And alas again okay.

So now that I’ve created this box played here at the bottom. And split it down the middle you’re gonna take an elastic band on this side. And secure it off.

And then you’re going to do the same thing here on this side bring it down if you even with the other side now you’re going to split these these sides here. And the tube make sure that you have two even sections then do this one here put it down the middle now you want to bring the two inside strands together put an elastic band to them, I’m gonna just drag this down a little bit just drop it down a little for us a fan. And then you’re gonna put an elastic band here.

And here on the same length take it down. And then again over here you’re gonna take this middle here, I’m gonna split it in half now with these two split these guys are going to go join together on each other they decided suit yourself you’re gonna take your lasso pin. And secure it together on this side bring it down a little just make sure that when you when you bring him down make sure that you want to spread them out.

So that they have room to make the little holes right here. And bring this together again stretch out want to make it look like a pendulum of a clock okay. So the last step we’re going to do gonna take these two tails.

And bring them right together separate them down a little spread them apart. And we’ll have a pendulum look there you have it your final spin thank you. So much for reading we hope you find value in this tutorial this style was inspired by Creative tangles check them out on Instagram don’t forget to give us a thumbs up okay got a little bit more love sing them is any of our upcoming tutorials to check out more of our Styles click on over there.

And there we love these guys until next time let me get to it. And teach others bye.

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