PEPPERS Can Help You Lose Weight

PEPPERS Can Help You Lose Weight

Chilli peppers are small, bright and potent. They range in colour from green, yellow and cream to purple and red with no telling, until you try them, of how hot they are! As chilli peppers are only taken in minute amounts compared to other foods, the nutritional value is minimal; however, the benefits from the supply of nutrients is remarkable. Approximately half the vitamin A content of red fresh sweet chillies (4450 IU), hot red chillies (21,600 IU), hot fresh green (770 IU), and sweet green chillies (420 IU) is in the form of betacarotene, the balance in the form of lutein and zeaxanthin. In addition, the rich supply of vitamin C (hot red 369mg; hot green 235mg) makes chilli a great food for the eyes, taken internally. Keep your hands away from your eyes when preparing peppers, it’s bad news! Vitamins A and C are the main nutritional benefits. The pepper is very low in most minerals except potassium (300mg on average). The two main special substances, so far discovered, in peppers are capsaicin and resiniferatoxin. These both proved effective, in research, at killing a majority of skin cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct due to oxygen starvation. A little chilli pepper goes a long way to heat up a dish can you handle it?

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male

GLYCEMIC CALORIES – total: 58 kcal. per 100 grams

INDEX:80 Calories from: Carb: 50 Protein: 7 Fat: 1

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