The Perfect Daily Diet


‘I usually get up around 8am and eat breakfast about an hour before I start training – I’m lucky I can eat very close to session without getting a stitch. Ona training day, I eat porridge made with skimmed milk with a teaspoon of Meridian Crunchy peanut butter, a handful of blueberries and half a banana, which add some sweetness to it!This gives me plenty of carbohydrates and the milk and peanut butter add some protein.’


‘Nuts, yoghurt, milk and biltong. I love baking, so adapt recipes to make “healthy bakes” for a treat.


‘On a training day, I’ll eat a multi seed bagel with marmite, half an avocado,two poached eggs handsome spinach or a chicken and grain salad.I make sure I get my protein and carbohydrates in post training to help recovery,but also to fuel me for my second session of the day. Planning and eating a balanced diet with fresh veg, lean protein and carbs is key. All my food is made from scratch. I Plan my meals so I always have what I need at home and it saves the supermarket dash when you’re hungry, which end in poor food choices.

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‘I have a combination of lean meats, such as chicken or turkey, with steamed vegetables and things like quinoa, bulgar wheat or sweet potato. I Love cooking, trying new recipes and experimenting.I use fresh ingredients and herbs for all my meals to ensure I get plenty of vitamins and nutrients in to help stave off illness and ensure my body’s fuelled correctly for performing at the highest level (I’m not a big fan of supplements).Jamie Oliver’s Superfood Recipe book (Tea Varia,£28) is great inspiration.I go to bed around 10.30 pm – sleep is crucial for recovery.

The Perfect Daily Diet


‘On Wednesdays and Sundays, I’ll lower the carbs and increase my protein intake. Breakfast banana pancakes made with one banana and one egg with Libertéfat-free Greek yogurt and berries.Lunch is a three-egg veggie omelette with salad;dinner the same as non training days.’


‘I train twice a day with England and GB on a Monday, Thursday and Friday (gym and pitch),Tuesday (two pitch), thenonce on a Saturday (gym).Plus I do one club session and a match a week.

The Perfect Daily Diet


‘Giselle clearly has a very good understanding of what she needs to eat to provide the correct balance of macronutrients to fuel her training: the right sort of carbs to replenish her energy stores and protein to repair and build muscles. It’s lucky that she enjoys cooking because it’s so much easier to manipulate meals to make them fit your requirements when you cook from scratch. Planning is also vital if you want to make sure your diet is right. Giselle shouldn’t forget to eat oily fish, such as salmon, though. Or, if she doesn’t eat fish, she could buy omega-3-rich eggs or take an omega-3 supplement.

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