Perfect Knot For Spread Collar Plattsburgh Knot How To Tie A Tie

So, you want to tie a necktie knot that will look great with a spread collar or maybe you’re on the larger side. You’re a big guy and you want a knot that’s going to balance well with your proportions. Today, I’m going to teach you how to tie the Plattsburgh knot, a knot invented by the Yoda of tie tying. The Plattsburgh knot was invented by Thomas Fink, a man who wrote a book on 85 different ways to tie a necktie. Yes, you heard me correct, 85 ways. Now, the main characteristics of the Plattsburgh knot are: One, it’s a large-sized knot, a good choice for larger proportioned men. Two, it’s a great knot for business or social events. Three, this knot fits best with a semi or full spread collar. To start tying the Plattsburgh knot, drape the tie over your neck.

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For this knot, you will have the outside of the tie facing towards you. Adjust the tie until the wide end is longer than the narrow end. The exact length will vary based on the necktie length and the height of the wearer. Cross the narrow end over the wide end, then bring the wide end over and through the opening near your neck. Cross behind the narrow end, then go over and through the neck opening again. Go behind the narrow end one more time, then bring the wide end across the front of the narrow end. Now, you will pull the wide end under and up through the neck opening. Finish by pulling the wide end through the loop you formed in the front. Tighten the knot by gently pulling on the wide end while holding the knot until you’re pleased with the look. Bring the knot up to your neck by holding the narrow end while pushing the knot up with your other hand. Keep your tie neat and tidy by pulling the narrow end through the keeper loop on the back of the tie. You can use a tie tack or tie bar to keep it in place if the narrow end is too short for the keeper loop.

Your tie should rest between the top and middle of your belt line. If it’s too short, start over making the wide end lower. If it’s too long, start with the wide end higher. The Plattsburgh necktie knot is a classic knot that will serve you well in any situation. Now, you just have 84 more necktie knots to learn. For a detailed look at tying the Plattsburgh knot, check out the article and infographic at my blog Now, be sure to sign up of e-mail notifications. That way you can watch my posts when they first come out. Now, sometimes I offer exclusive deals that are time-sensitive, so make sure that you never miss out on one by being part of the early notification squad.

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