Perfect Prom Hairstyle Tutorial Amika Curling Iron Review

Hi guys today I’m going to show you how to do this look I curled my hair and on this side I twisted it and what I use to achieve these curls is my Amica turning iron which looks like this. And I got this bump flat aren’t experts calm they actually send it to me. Because it was one of their newly released items on their website it also comes in a pink one purple one black and also animal prints.

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But I chose this one and the packaging is. So cute for this it comes in two cylindrical tube which looks like this. And I got the true tattoo edition which is imprinted on the handle itself. So it has a panther birds and cards and it’s just really pretty it stood out to me the most which is why I chose it and let’s determine about this Kony iron is that it doesn’t have a clamp. So therefore you won’t get those dents in your hair that a clamp would create and also, if you have really thin and frail hair Samms can snap your hair or break it this one. So is pretty good, if you have delicate hair and another thing is that this barrel is tapered they have all types of different sizes. But the size I chose was this one it goes from a one-inch all the way to three-quarters of an inch.

So that way you get more volume on top and then tighter curls at the bottom which is the look that I prefer also this bro gets really hot the temperature it goes all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So it does come with gloves the only down part is that the gloves don’t fit me at all as you can see I have really small hands. So, if you have small hands like me these gloves are pretty useless. So you might want to use your own another down part is that this curling iron doesn’t come with a light indicator switch. So you won’t really know if it’s on and off unless you remember you turn it on. Because, if you leave it on and you forget you might think it’s off and touch it and you could bring yourself the barrel is also made from tourmaline and ceramic. So when I use this too my hair the curls stay put for the whole thing.

And. I’m not even joking about that I even had second day curls with this coming iron and it looked really nice. So this is something that highly recommends that’s about it for my little brief review on this I hope you guys enjoyed her ok let’s get started first off. I’m going to apply heat protectant on my hair. Because we’re using hot tools. And I’m going to apply this liberally all over my hair.

And. I’m going to focus most if the tips and ends. Because that’s where damage occurs moles cuz it’s really dry and brittle there. So concentrate and put a lot of liquid down there I mean not down there yeah am I talking about okay. So now. I’m just freshening my hair to distribute the product. And

I’m going to divide my hair in half. And I’m going to work with the bottom layer first. And I’m just going to hold the iron like. So and wrap my hair around the barrel. And

I’m going to hold it for about 10 seconds. Because that’s all the time it needs to curl and release just like. So you get a really nice curl and then. I’m going to do same technique to the rest of my hair just hold it down there. And I also forgot to mention that this iron is really lightweight it’s light as a feather waste under a pound and do the same thing to the other side now. I’m going to grab a clip. And

I’m going to clip all the hair that I curl out of the way. And I’m going to release it and grab another layer and work with this layer now and just brush it and then curl your hair and then when you’re done curling that section clip all of it aside again and release the top layer and folks this is how I look like with short hair I actually used to have really short hair. But everybody said I looks really old. So I never went back to short hair again and now. I’m going to curl the top player. And

I’m gonna start curling it pretty high cuz I want a really curly look just wrap it around wait ten seconds and release and when you’re done curling your hair just use your fingers to loosen up all the curls and now on to creating the twist first off you want to grab two strands of hair near the front of your head and then what you want to do is just twist them together and as you’re twisting it pick up hair from the bottom strand like. So so we’ll pick up hair and then twist to the top. So you’ll always end up with two strands that you’re twisting and they’ll gradually get thicker. So you want to continue to twist like this, until you reach halfway the back of your head. So when you are at the back of your head what you want to do is grab an elastic band preferably one that’s the same color as your hair and then what you want to do is just tie the two strands together and they will stay in place and just to hide the elastic band just get two bobby pins and just hide it next. I’m going to tease my hair. And

I’m going to just apply some hairspray and tease my hair layer at a time this will just add more volume to that side and give it a little bit of room and now. I’m going to accessorize with two flower clips that I got from forever 21. And I’m just going to place one on the side and then. I’m going to get the other one and place it right on top. So guys this is the completed look. I’m just gonna turn around and show you guys.

So I hope you guys enjoyed tutorial. And I will talk to you soon bye.

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