Perfectly Dressed Up Pony – Back to School Updos

Hey girls Kela here. So I finally back with another little miniseries and this one is some back-to-school updos I’ve been getting. So many requests for back-to-school hairstyles. So I decided that I should do this an acute little mini tutorial format. So I hope you guys like this and these are nice short easy hairstyles that you can do quickly and they will stay in place all day which is exactly what you want for school and if you guys are looking for some gown new hairstyles I have those in the works they’ll be up either the week after this or two weeks after this I’ll not really sure yet but they are in the works and they will be here. So if you’re really in the mood for down new styles just be patient they’re on their way but these have all been really requested. So I hope you guys really like them there was one that I made up. So obviously it wasn’t requested but all the other ones really work. So anyway I hope you guys like this and I will see you guys tomorrow with another post.

Perfectly Dressed Up Pony – Back to School Updos Photo Gallery

So be sure to check back tomorrow and every day this week for more tutorials alright that’s it I’ll see you in ICU well thank you begin by arranging the top you’ll be proud of me I didn’t do any piecing in this tutorial but you’re gonna do is separate from the temples up all the way around and make sure that the hair from the crown of your head back is combed straight backward that way you don’t end up with any breaks in your little bump that we’re gonna do basically once all the hair has come backward you’re just gonna push it up and it creates a nice little bump and as long as all the hair has to come backwards and we’ll go back nicely then you can twist the base of that if you want just a little b it helps it to last a little better throughout the day on my hair and then pin into that base just to help it tell us extra better and you can do a crisscross with your bobby pins if you need to step to mr. braid you’re gonna do a Dutch braid back following the line of that hair that we just arranged to the top and only taking in here that’s right next to there it’s basically like a giant cornrow and you’re gonna go back to the middle of your head and then braid the rest of the way down and secure with a small band if you don’t know how to Dutch braid you can go ahead and check out my tutorial which.

I’ll link in the downbar just. So you can check that out and know how to do that then go ahead and pull the rest of your hair back except for that braid just leave that out and secure the rest of it into a ponytail just underneath those bobby pins be very careful while you’re securing it you don’t want to pull out what we what we’ve already done on the top there but as long as you’re careful it’ll be completely fine just you know keep that in mind step is to wrap you’re gonna wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail and then tie a laughs not you’re gonna go over the braid at the base and then right back underneath it and then pull it out and then you can see that the end of the little braid comes out just like it’s in the ponytail then bobby pin flat against your head going underneath the hair bounds that’s gonna be the most comfortable and you can crisscross your pins for extra holds then take out the band and you’ve got your nice little ponytail and it doesn’t even look like you can see the braid then you’re gonna go ahead and do some pixie dust magic or just you know use the clip but what you’re gonna do is take the top layer of hair and separate it out and then take a little tiny clip II and clip it into the base and then kind of fluff it up a little bit and you’ve got some nice perky left to your pony tail my intents to kind of flop a little bit because I have fine hair but this helps. So much I learned this trick from Tiffany d back in the day and I love to use it to make our pony tails look a little bit more like bubbly and bouncy hope you guys like this be sure to check back every day this week for more tutorials I can’t wait to show you guys and I will see you guys tomorrow bye you.

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