Perfectly Imperfect Side Bun

Today I’ll doing something a little bit different instead of doing a multiple and one tutorial where I have lots of lots of hairstyles in one two toriel I decided to do multiple different tutorials where it’s little tiny short tutorials on really easy hairstyles and I’ll gonna upload one every day for the next five days I hope you guys like this.

Perfectly Imperfect Side Bun Photo Gallery

I asked permission on facebook and twitter just to make sure that it was a good idea unanimously everybody said yes. So I decided that I should do it I hope you guys like this these are some really easy hairstyles people have been asking for that just like really easy just grab and go hairstyles. So that’s what these are these are all kind of started with my natural beachy waves um here. So if you want to check out that tutorial I’ll have it flashing up somewhere on the screen right now feel free to check that out in case you want to kind of get that texture that I have in all the posts or all the styles but that’s it I hope you guys like this and I will see you next post well I separate out about of your hair from one side I’ll gonna take the rest of the hair and start to twist it into a bun but only twist it one full rotation around. So you should have a little bit of extra hair hanging out and then you’re gonna pin that into place right there.

I like to pin it for points throughout the bun and then more as I see fit or it feels a little bit loose then you’re going to go ahead and take one section of hair I kind of split that section in half take one section wrap it around the outside of the bun and just put it in place right there at the base and then take another section and wrap it around again and then pin it again right about the top for me but the hair was a little bit shorter and then you’re gonna take the tail whatever hair you have left over whether it’s a little bit shorter a little longer then wrap it over the top of the bun and kind of pin it as you need I kind of pinned it after one rotation and then again I’ll gonna rotate it begin push it into the middle of the bun and then pin it in place in a way and you flyaways as you need and that is it you got your nice little messy bun be sure to check out the rest of the posts in this series while we fill it all things at the end as I upload them and I hope you guys enjoy this I’ll see you my next post bye.

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