WHO: This model, stylist and blogger is increasingly cropping up on our radar and is making a name with her work in front of and behind the camera. KNOWN FOR: Putting her own style stamp on the classics with a tomboyish edge. We can’t help but fall in love with the way she wears staples such as an oversized biker jacket. Watching her is like a masterclass in simplicity. YOU’LL NEVER CATCH HER WITHOUT… her perfectly imperfect blonde hair.


It’s easy to see how charges for a la carte services could add up quickly, and you’ll want to make sure not to be disappointed if your stay is going to be focused on trying a number of them and you can’t afford to do so. There is any number of sources for information on hotel and resort beauty spas, and one of the most comprehensive is the Mobil Travel Guide. The wellknown collection of travel information identifies hotel and resort beauty spas from among the 300 it visits, and rates them according to the guide’s familiar five star index used to rate hotels and restaurants. The rating system reflects a variety of factors that contribute to the guest experience. The include the level of service offered by the staff, and the extent to which the design and amenities at the facility are oriented around the escape from the usual routine, which beauty spas are intended to provide. The Mobil Travel Guide relies on surprise and unannounced inspections of the facilities it ranks, so travelers can generally rely on their findings to be representative of what the average guest would experience. The 450 items on which each facility is ranked range from the ease and accuracy of the reservations system, to the beauty spa services themselves that are offered, combining cost and quality to come up with the final rating. Factors that are included to distinguish hotel and resort beauty spas include the extent to which the facility succeeds in its design of an escape for guests, and the ability to get a balanced assortment of makeup, fitness, and pampering services that are delivered with the right level of preparation, privacy, comfort, and guest safety. The ratings are generally not dependent on the number of different services offered. However, the guide looks for some minimum basic services that guests would ordinarily expect at a beauty spa, such as a reasonable assortment of face and body treatments, some beauty and barbering services, and other items on the service menu considered to be basic beauty spa offerings.

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