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A re-issue only likely to appeal to fans of this much loved singer

There is undoubtedly a big market for nostalgia of all kinds of older material and no doubt there will be plenty of takers for those who fondly remember Perry Como over many decades. With a reputation as one of those ‘nice guys’, his success over several decades was really quite extraordinary. Beginning in the late 1940’s as a lead vocalist from the ‘Big Band Era’, I first recall Perry from the late 1950s when at the height of the rock ‘n’ roll era, this smooth voiced singer was suddenly top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic with the classic and very catchy Magic Moments. It also seemed that every few years, just when you thought his popularity had faded he would re-emerge with yet another major hit, right into the 1970s with And I Love You So!

It is not an unreasonable assumption that RCA tookfrom these recordings to take him to Nashville and to top producer Chet Atkins. By then, in my opinion, the Nashville scene had become very bland and boring, so the orchestrated style evident here was in fact ideally suited to Perry’s easy going laid back style. We could debate all day as to what makes a country record. Perry never claimed to be a country singer and even getting him to record a slew of country type songs, really more of the ‘easy listening’ kind was never going to produce much in the way of original or exciting music. So such well known country songs as the title track.

and the Kris Kristofferson classic Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again) hardly ranks as much to excite all these years later. With outtakes from tracks that never made the album, some other studio tracks from these Nashville years, including a couple of Spanish language recordings, including And I Love You So there may be some ardent fans of this late singer who will be keen to add this to their collection, but personally I found it pretty dull and boring and having really very little relation to what I call country music. David Brassington

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