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Amazing folk singer with a rubber soul

The snappiest dresser in the wacky world of Americana has gone and done it again; producing another album that sounds nothing like its predecessor but still sounding quintessential ‘Molinari.’

Since debuting with WALKING OFF THE MAP in 2006 the Man of Kent hasn’t looked back, releasing top quality albums and EPs when it suited him and when he alone felt the time was right. His last album, A TRAIN BOUND FOR GLORY was his most ‘American’ to date as he merged his folky songs with Americana and country melodies and observations and now he’s moved that sound on yet again; butthistime;if I dare say it; it sounds like he was listening to a lot of Beatles music circa RUBBER SOULto create arguably his most complete and possibly best album to date.

The single Hang My Head In Shame, gets the party started with some deliberately dirty guitar licks under a slightly distorted vocal that manages to echo Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Chris Isaak all at the same time.

Out of nowhere we even get a bit of a Twang-festwith GotMne when Pete and cohort ‘Little’ Barrie Cadogan harmonise as the latter produces some wonderful sounds out of his electric organ. The song is very 60s influenced but still sounds perfectly fresh and sharp.

Dear Marie is positively delightful as Pete delivers a very wry love song over a jaunty guitar and piano backbeat; that wouldn’t be out of place on the Opry stage.

As an unadulterated fanboy I absolutely love Mighty Son Of Abraham with its swing-a-long chorus and biting lyrics and the rocking Evangeline just might be on the verge of becoming my favourite Pete Molinari song…ever!

THEOSOPHY ends with a slightly exotically Eastern flavoured Love For Sale which might be pointing us in the direction of Sgt. Peters Lovely Heart Warming Band for the next album; who knows? Who cares? THEOSOPHY is what it’s all about and I urge you to pick up a copy tomorrow.

Alan Harrison

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