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Sitting in the cafeteria is probably a thing of the past, but chances are, you’re no stranger to packing lunch or snacks, at least a few days of the week. Trade the brown bag for these bento-style boxes (insulated bags sold separately) that help keep your portions under control and cleanup to a minimum.

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It might be heavier than what you’re used to, thanks to the durable stainless-steel construction, but when a quick wash in soapy water got rid of any lingering dressing residue (from our quinoa salad, if you must know), we were more than sold. Five compartments hold about 4^ cups of food, and two “Dippers”—one large and one small—contain wet foods (think condiments and yogurt). Customize your box with a magnet set, like Modern Art and Travel (starts at $49.95 and comes with a five-year warranty; www.planetbox.com).

Yumbox panino

Although the brand was originally conceived for children by two moms, this model is meant for adults, too—and is just as lightweight and compact as its kiddie counterpart. The BPA- and phthalate-free tray insert features four compartments (one that’s sandwiched-sized, two for ^-cup servings and a small well for a dip or treat). Available in seven styles, but we think the Parisian Pink is tres chic ($28; www.yumboxlunch.com).

LUNCHBOTS Bento boxes

If you’re a no-fuss lunch packer, who likes to keep it simple with one or two things, you’ll dig the Uno or Duo Dots boxes. A nice-sized salad rests comfortably in the Uno, while greens and a wrap fit the Duo, both of which are made mostly from stainless steel and come with your choice of colored lid ($34.99 and $36.99, respectively; www.lunchbots.com).

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