Pictures of layered shoulder length hairstyles

The damage was bad. My hair had broken off at the top of my head to random lengths of 1/2 an inch to 1 inch long. The sides and back of my head somehow managed to retain 5 inches of length. Despite all of this I remained in denial. I kept my hot mess for another 6 months, spending a fortune on high-end hair conditioners. I wasn’t even humbled enough to put on a wig or wear a weave.

I got exactly what I deserved. After half a year of trying to revive the dead, I stared back at myself in the mirror with shame, took out my husband’s barber kit and shaved the dead goodbye.

Sporting a teeny, weenie afro, a spackle of makeup and a set of earrings, I sat in front of my computer, took a few snapshots, and embarked on Hair Journey #2. I vowed that I would never texturize or alter the integrity of my hair texture with that soul crushing creamy crack ever again.

This time around I took the time to see and feel and love my TWA and I truly felt beautiful. I ignored the negativity and the comments and I started noticing black women looking at me with positivity. I started seeing black men look at me without disdain. The key to being Naturally Fine is not to alter but to accept, not to hide or deceive but to shine and be seen. And for me, grasping this concept has not been easy.

This chapter is my gift to you. Don’t relapse like I did. Sure there will be Scarfitis days or days when you crave the creamy crack. There will always be comments and negativity and most of it will sadly come from family and friends, our brothers and our sisters. Don’t worry about reactions – pay respect to your actions.

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