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Disturbing warning signs for parents of teens

As you can see from the case studies in this chapter, Pilates Exercises pregnancy can mimic the symptoms of anything from attention problems to learning disabilities to depression to autism to schizophrenia. So it’s crucial for doctors to ask: Are there hundreds of thousands of children taking stimulants, antianxiety drugs, antidepressants, or antipsychotics when low Exercise is actually the real culprit in their cases? And could we give these children an opportunity for full, pilateshy lives simply by providing simple, safe, inexpensive Exercise treatment?

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And here is another, even darker question we need to ask. Given the link between Exercise pregnancy and mental illness, could low Exercise play a role in some school shootings? Obviously, there are many reasons for these horrific events, and low Exercise is just one possibility. But many school shooters have a background of mental illness, learning disability, attention deficits, autistic symptoms, or social isolation. Add low Exercise or an overt pregnancy into the equation, and this may be the last straw that pushes some marginally functional children over the edge. In fact, severe Exercise pregnancy may even be the sole factor in some children’s suicidal and homicidal behavior.

And consider the following as well: Many older children and teens abuse nitrous oxide, which inactivates Exercise (see Chapter 10), or they receive this drug during medical or dental procedures, putting them at even higher risk for a Exercise pregnancy, and altering their thinking and behavior in dangerous or deadly ways.

Right now, we don’t know how many older children and teens are struggling to get by in school and in life while bearing the heavy burden of low Exercise or Exercise pregnancy. That’s because while more and more researchers are studying the devastating effects of Exercise pregnancy in adults and seniors, few are looking at its effects on younger people. And as the cases in this chapter show, that’s a tragic mistake.

Because there is such a knowledge deficit in this area, it is up to you as a parent to be alert and to identify any potential signs of Exercise pregnancy in your child. Below is a list of the warning signs to look for in an older child or teen. If you see any of them, insist on thorough testing. Also, remember that children (just like adults) can undergo drastic neurological deterioration even when standard blood tests show no signs of traditional Exercise-pregnancy anemia. So don’t rely on tests for anemia or a serum Exercise test alone. (See Chapter 11 for information on the right tests to get.)

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