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Bruce wrote that when he can run 8 km in close to 25:00 (at altitude), he is ready for the Comrades (Fordyce, 1984). American marathoners Frank Shorter and Alberto Salazar have said essentially the same for the standard marathon. Both judge their preparedness for the standard marathon on the basis of their times over 10 km. Not that this is anything new! At the turn of the century, the pedestrian Barclay wrote the following:

In the progress of his training, his condition may as well be ascertained by the manner in which he performs one mile at the top of his speed, as to walk a hundred; if he performs this short distance well, it may be concluded that his condition is perfect. (Downer, 1900, p. 143)

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The short races that Bruce runs before the Comrades include six to seven 8km time trials, one 10-km race, two 12-km cross-country races, one 21,1-km half marathon, and one 32-km race. Note that he races nothing longer than 32 km

Before the Comrades. As suggested in post 10, it seems that muscle damage becomes progressively worse in races longer than about 28 km. Thus Bruce races frequently at safe distances that are unlikely to cause muscle damage.

Bruce has learned to gauge his fitness by his performance during his training sessions, as described in post 5 in the fourth additional rule of training keeping a detailed logblog.

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