Pilates Ring Exercises For Inner Thigh

Holding this blog in your hands means that you, like our clients, aspire to a youthful and graceful lifestyle. After reading The Happy Body blog you know about the happy body. In order to become a happy body, you need to go back to Part 2, the section that outlines the practice, and begin your journey. You will find that there are some steps that are easy and others that are challenging.

If you find yourself thinking it will be difficult, tell yourself, I will embrace it. It may take a long time, but I will keep doing until I get it. I do not have enough energy, but if I get stronger and lose weight I will have more energy. I do not believe it will work, but I will test it by doing everything that the program requires. Develop a positive and constructive attitude. It will lead to the right decisions to move you forward.

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The Happy Body program is based on solid and meaningful truths. One of them is learning and embracing how much is enough. Once Jerzy explained to Billy Robertson, a car racer and a client, that it is not only wise to live between too much and too little, but it is also the fastest and most safe way to improve. Billy responded, “It is exactly like that in car racing. When I hear my car tires sliding, I know that my car is slowing down because it is losing traction. I have to correct this by releasing the accelerator. On the other hand, if I don’t hear sliding tires, I am driving too slowly. I adjust between the two extremes all during a race. The only way to know enough is to make mistakes, learn from them and make educated guesses to narrow the gap between too much and too little.”

You do not need any special talent or skill in order to make the changes you desire. What you do need is to persevere and to enjoy the journey. Cherish every meal. Take pleasure with every movement and breath when you exercise. When listening to the meditation tape be grateful for all your efforts. At the end of the day, take the time to remind yourself that the pursuit of health is worthwhile, that it is within your reach and that gradually small improvements accumulate. These practices will nurture and make a better you.

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