Pin Curl Coil Accents Back-to-School Hairstyles

Just wanna let you guys know before we start our normal weekly tutorial that we’ve actually uploaded posts this week instead of just the one we’ve uploaded today on our blog as normal and we’ve also uploaded another tutorial over on Disney styles blog. You can check it out by clicking the link here! And it was the Belle hair-do from Beauty and the Beast from the ballroom scene. I’m sure you´re gonna love it. It turned out great. So check them both out this week, as a bonus for you guys. And have a great week! Hey guys!

Pin Curl Coil Accents Back-to-School Hairstyles Photo Gallery

It´s Abby from LA And today I’m gonna show you how to use pin curls as an accent for your other hairdo’s So I have just done my hair like I normally do with my wand curls. This is day three on my hair. So I’m looking for something to kinda pull the sides up a little bit out of the way so I’m gonna do pin curls. I always wanna say pin coils, that’s not it, either way. okay, I’ve got my piece of hair and I’m gonna take my two fingers and I’m gonna just wrap the hair around my fingers this is why some people call them finger coils, finger curls. Then you’re gonna slide the hair off and you’re just gonna lay it on the head and pin it down now I’m gonna take a section, just like almost directly below that first coil and I’m gonna do the same thing. So, wrap it around your fingers till you run out of hair, slide it all off of your finger tips lay it flat on your head and pin. So you get these nice little coils. Now I’m gonna take one, sort of to the back of the two, cause I’m gonna do a little triangular shape but you are welcome to pick up as many as you want. I’ve seen people that do four. I’ve even seen five.

It’s completely up to you what you do. So again fingers, wrap around, slide it off, down flat on to the head, make sure to grab any of those loose ends. You don’t want them to poke out, and pin it down. And there you have like a cute little sort of a Rossetti looking accent to your hair. You can leave it like this and just wear your hair down with this little pin up. And I’ve done it to my daughter too, to show you what it looks like on somebody younger. and with longer hair. You can see that we’ve just pinned hers to the side and we’ve actually pulled her bangs into her curls so that you can’t see her bangs at all. Like I left mine out and she’s pulled hers in, but another really fun thing to do with the same hairdo is to just pull it back. Especially if you’re wearing it like I am day two, day three hair and you need your hair pulled back a little bit more. Like I’m gonna just actually pull it back into a nice little messy bun on the side of my head, like a little messy. Twist some of my ends in to make a nice little messy bun. and then you have this fun little accent to a messy bun as well. So another great one would be as a pony tail. Or I mean there’s a million things you could do with just these little accents. So leave a comment and tell me below how you would use it in your hair. and what you would do with it and we’ll see you later.

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